REPORT: #NeverTrump Candidate Emerges to Challenge Trump in GOP Convention Floor Fight


The movement to rescue both the Republican Party and the nation from narcissistic bloviating con man Donald Trump, and replacing him with someone who actually has a chance to defeat corrupt liar Hillary Clinton, has always had one 800-pound elephant in the room — or in this case not in the room.

That is, the movement has had unified consensus and organization for months to oust Trump, but they have had no candidate to replace him with, a viable, electable candidate that would be acceptable to the various wings of the Republican Party, whether it’s the constitutional conservative Tea Party voters or the more establishment-oriented Bush wing of the GOP.

Well, that candidate may have just emerged, according to a report from veteran columnist Quin Hillyer, a contributing editor of National Review and a senior editor of The American Spectator.

Hillyer reports on his blog that former Senator Tom Coburn , a highly respected conservative from Oklahoma, would accept a draft from the convention floor at the upcoming Republican National Convention that begins on Monday:

I can reliably report that the former U.S. Senator from Oklahoma, Dr. Tom Coburn, would accept a draft from the convention floor if delegates petition successfully to put his name in nomination.

When and if confirmed, this is highly encouraging news to those who believe that America — a country of over 300 million people — deserves a better choice for president than two morally bankrupt New York liberals.

Tom Coburn

Former U.S. Senator Tom Coburn

In June of last year, Tom Coburn, who understands and respects the U.S. Constitution more than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump combined, estimated that Americans have lost HALF of our freedoms since his youth.

In other words, Coburn, who was famous in the Senate as a fiscal hawk with his annual “Waste Watch” publication, gets it.

As Hillyer reported, Coburn had previously declined an offer to challenge Trump but has apparently now had a change of heart after Trump has continued to show his idiocy while others like Mitt Romney, David French et al., have declined offers to challenge the truth-challenged Trump.

In February, Dr. Coburn, an obstetrician by profession, endorsed former presidential candidate Marco Rubio during the GOP primary and said that Trump, an orange-hued real estate tycoon, was “perpetuating a fraud” on the American people.

Tom Coburn may turn out to be the perfect “consensus” candidate. Sure, he may not be quite as conservative as Ted Cruz , but he’s more conservative than Donald Trump by a wide margin, and a helluva lot more principled as well.

And to have a principled conservative truth-teller running against scandal-plagued Hillary Clinton would give voters a real choice in November.

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Matthew K. Burke
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