Senate Votes to Bail Out Puerto Rico; Here are the REPUBLICANS Who Voted FOR It

RINOs Orrin Hatch, John McCain, Lamar Alexander

Whether government or corporations, bailouts do not allow the entity performing the mismanagement to learn from their mismanagement and mistakes. Bailouts send the wrong message than poor economic decisions will be rewarded with free money, while those acting responsibility will not be giving money someone else earned.

Nevertheless, on Wednesday night, the U.S. Senate voted overwhelmingly to bail out Puerto Rico, passing the bill easily, 68-30, in a vote in which only a simple majority was needed.

This is a bad move by a Republican-dominated U.S. Senate. Below is the list who voted for and against the issue.

There are a view surprises.

Of course, the RINO relics like Mitch McConnell , John McCain , Lamar Alexander , Orrin Hatch , and their ilk voted to bail out Puerto Rico, but surprisingly, so did Rand Paul and Marco Rubio .

Principled constitutional conservatives Ted Cruz , Mike Lee and a handful of other Republicans voted against the bill, as you might expect.

Republicans Who Voted to Bail Out Puerto Rico:

Alexander, Tenn.;

Ayotte, N.H.;

Barrasso, Wyo.;

Blunt, Mo.;

Burr, N.C.;

Cassidy, La.;

Coats, Ind.;

Cochran, Miss.;

Collins, Maine;

Corker, Tenn.;

Cornyn, Texas;

Crapo, Idaho;

Enzi, Wyo.;

Fischer, Neb.;

Flake, Ariz.;

Gardner, Colo.;

Graham, S.C.;

Hatch, Utah;

Hoeven, N.D.;

Inhofe, Okla.;

Isakson, Ga.;

Johnson, Wis.;

Kirk, Ill.;

Lankford, Okla.;

McCain, Ariz.;

McConnell, Ky.;

Paul, Ky.;

Risch, Idaho;

Roberts, Kan.;

Rounds, S.D.;

Rubio, Fla.;

Sessions, Ala.;

Sullivan, Alaska;

Thune, S.D.;

Toomey, Pa.;

Vitter, La.

Republicans Who Voted Not to Bail Out Puerto Rico:

Boozman, Ark.; Capito, W.V.; Cotton, Ark.; Cruz, Texas; Daines, Mont.; Ernst, Iowa; Grassley, Iowa; Heller, Nev.; Lee, Utah; Moran, Kan.; Murkowski, Alaska; Perdue, Ga.; Portman, Ohio; Sasse, Neb.; Scott, S.C.; Shelby, Ala.; Tillis, N.C.; Wicker, Miss.

ABC News, which provided the above roll call, reported that among the “yes” votes were 31 Democrats, 36 Republicans and one Independent.

Voting “no” were 11 Democrats, 18 Republicans and one Independent.

Puerto Rico is $72 billion in debt and didn’t have funds for an interest payment on Friday. The bill now goes to Obama, who is expected to sign the bailout bill.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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