Restaurant Denies 30 Year Army Veteran Service, the Reason Why is Infuriating

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Major Diggs Brown has served this country for more than 30 years in the U.S. Army. He most recently served in Afghanistan and, like many others who fought in war, suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Major Brown has had a service dog for two and a half years that assists him due to this disability. One morning, he attempted to do what many do, enjoy a nice breakfast out. He of course had his service dog whose name is Arthur. What happened next is something Brown never expected.

Brown and his service dog went to Cochon Valant in Chicago, but were abruptly turned away and asked to leave. Even after he explained that Arthur was not just any dog, but his service dog, a worker named Hanna still insultingly insisted that his dog was not welcome and they had to leave.

In talking to CBS Chicago, Brown recounted what happened. He said, “When my service dog and I walked in, the hostess took us to the table, and the young lady named Hanna, she said you can’t have a dog in the restaurant.”

Arthur is more than just a dog, he is Brown’s lifeline. In explaining what Arthur does for him, he said, “He does a lot of things. He wakes me up from nightmares when I have them. When I have anxiety attacks, he calms me down. He saved my life and I’m even off the drugs.”

Brown gave more insight into what happened that day explaining, “I kept my cool and I said you know it’s the American Disabilities Act. This is my service dog, he can go wherever I go, it’s the law. So I was seated, placed my order then Hannah came over again and said I have to leave. I said it’s my service dog and she said I don’t care, you need to leave, we don’t have dogs in the restaurant. I could go to the Department of Justice with this if we continue down this path.”

Brown posted on a Facebook account that he has for Arthur that they had been “kicked to the curb” by Hanna.

Chicago welcomes a vet and his service dog. So sad, dad and I went for breakfast and after dad ordered the manager, Hanna, came over and told us we could not dine at the restaurant. Even when dad told her I am a service dog, she said she didn’t care. Kicked to the curb.

The post went viral and, the next day, the restaurant responded on their Facebook account to this unfortunate situation that never should have happened.


Brown seemed to be satisfied with the restaurant’s response. He addressed it saying, “It’s not my intent to destroy a restaurant, but it is my intent to make them aware that they have violated a law that not only affects veterans with dogs, but other people with disabilities with service laws and that they need to be aware that it’s discrimination.”

He explained, “They’ve stepped up to the plate and they are going to make some changes at the restaurant so I’m happy in my mind that it is resolved.”

In addition, Brown does not want Hanna to be fired, but rather wants the restaurant to educate her and the rest of their workers on the law.

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