Revered Just Weeks Ago, Leftists Turn Hate on Comey After New EmailGate Probe

Progressive leftist Democrats were overjoyed with FBI director James Comey following his July announcement that his agency would not recommend charging Hillary Clinton with anything following an FBI investigation into the EmailGate scandal.

When objections were raised to Comey’s July statement in which he led those watching to believe he was throwing the book at Clinton, only to then pronounce her unchargeable, Democrat operatives across the board praised him for his nonpartisanship and repeatedly highlighted that he was a Republican-appointed FBI director and therefore must be being objective and fair in his decision regarding not charging Hillary.

But now liberals are bringing out the long knives against Comey following the announcement on Friday that the EmailGate investigation is being re-opened following the discovery of new emails obtained through an unrelated investigation.

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Former Obama adviser David Axelrod accused Comey of playing a game of CYA:

Leftist “economist” and Demcrat Party hack Paul Krugman, a Keynesian who worships at the altar of money printing and deficit spending, went a step further, charging James Comey with trying to throw the election:

Leading Clinton surrogate Hilary Rosen said the FBI director should “put up or shut up” and credited him with giving Trump “days of on-air speculation of a parade of horribles?”

DNC Chair Donna Brazile, who has her own embarrassing emails to deal with, coined a cute acronym to try to dismiss Comey’s announcement:

Get ready for the charges of “Republican witch hunt” and other tired Democrat Party talking points whenever a progressive leftist is caught in corruption. They’re coming.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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