Rick Perry Responds to Those Begging him to Primary Ted Cruz in 2018

The Trump campaign believes that a sign of party unity is to kick anyone out who doesn’t bow down before Trump. If you dare to cross him, then you’re fair game for destruction. The GOP elites who support Trump feel the same way. That’s why after Ted Cruz encouraged people at the RNC convention to “vote their conscience,” the Trump campaign urged and led the crowd in booing Cruz. Donald Trump, Jr. even proclaimed that there was party unity when Cruz got booed.

Almost immediately afterwards, GOP elite forces pledged to primary Texas Senator Ted Cruz when he seeks re-election to a second term in 2018. One of the names floated as a possibility to run against him in the primary was the longest-serving governor in Texas history, Rick Perry. When Donald Trump recently delivered a speech in the red state of Texas, he even made remarks seeming to encourage Perry to run.

So, will he or won’t he?

Rick Perry spoke with the Texas Tribune about his participation in the upcoming season of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” on Tuesday. Outside of that, he also discussed whether he would run against Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate. His answer made it perfectly clear on whether he had any intentions to primary his friend, Ted Cruz, in 2018, or anytime.

“In the political world, my experience has been almost exclusively as an executive,” Perry said. “Agriculture commissioner …lieutenant governor … which you have your foot in both the executive branch and the legislative branch. And then governor for 14 years.” 

“That’s my strength, that is what I enjoy doing, that is not the talents required for the United States Senate,” he said. “My preference of what’s next for Rick Perry is not to be in the United States Senate.” 

There is speculation that Perry’s executive post could be  U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs should Donald Trump defy the polls and win the presidency in November.

It looks like those Trump-supporters still angry at Cruz’s decision to not endorse Trump will have to keep looking for a potential opponent to help them take out their vindictiveness against one of the few members of Congress who actually fight for the people, for freedom, and for the Constitution.

Or, they can just grow up and let it go.

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Jennifer Burke
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