RINO Boehner Upset that Americans ‘Get More Information About Their Gov’t Than Ever Before’; Rush Limbaugh Obliterates

John Boehner - Image Credit: The Golf Channel, YouTube

RINO Speaker of the House John Boehner is no fan of new media. He laments the day that Rush Limbaugh saved AM radio and almost single-handedly resurrected the conservative movement in America.

Boehner seems to reflect with favor on the days when all media was controlled by three leftist T.V. networks and only a handful of major networks where people could learn about their news.

In fact, John Boehner thinks you’re just getting too much information about what the government is up to, and he’s not at all happy about it.

In an interview with the Golf Channel’s David Feherty released this week, Boehner reflected back to the days when media provided very little information about the shenanigans and cronyism going on in big government, where calculating back-door dealmakers like him could sheme and plot under the radar and out of the sunlight.

“Twenty years ago when, uh, we won the first Republican majority in 40 years, there was one radio talk show host that nobody’d ever heard of.  Uh, there was one cable news channel that just did news,” Boehner told Feherty.  “And you look at today, you’ve got hundreds of radio talk show hosts all trying to outdo themselves, right — going further right and further right and further right. Uh, you’ve got all these cable news channels, and all they do are politics, and it’s tending to either push or pull people into one of two camps,” he contended.

Boehner continued, lambasting blogs, Facebook and Twitter and other “mediums” for giving people two much information about what government is doing to them.

“What’s happening is — the American people are getting more information about their government than they’ve ever got before,” Boehner complained. “Trying to find common ground between the left and the right is more difficult. There’s no questions about it,” he explained, as if the reason he was elected was to compromise with leftists hellbent on destroying America.

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RINO Boehner then complained that he’d like to play more golf with Marxist wannabe dictator Obama, but the mean-spirited conservative media would pounce all over him, something he even communicated to Obama.

Radio talk show legend Rush Limbaugh powerfully responded to Boehner’s whining, stating that Boehner’s comments are sure to feed leftist media outlets, who in the past have accused Limbaugh of somehow holding Republican leadership hostage, an absurd charge since RINOs rarely listen to conservatives.

“This comment is gonna feed every liberal blog and every liberal news outlet which has accused them of being prisoners, and accused me of being the titular head of the Republican Party and all that,” Limbaugh said on Tuesday about Boehner’s Golf Channel interview.  ” This is gonna confirm it.  And the stories are gonna be, “House Republican Leaders Afraid of…”  They’ve tried to run that story over and over again and get it to stick, but they’ve never had it admitted to by actual Republican leaders,” he explained.

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Limbaugh continued to summarize Boehner’s comments, stating with barely any tongue and cheek that the next thing conservatism will be blamed for by Republican Party leadership is for exposing Planned Butcherhood.

“We have just learned that I, your host, am the reason the Republican House feels trapped and unable to do what they would really like to do.

It’s all because 20 years ago we had this “talk show host nobody ever heard of” who has now spawned countless other talk shows, “each trying to outdo the other,” Boehner said, “moving far right.”  Then we got Fox News over here pushing everybody far right, making compromise impossible because everybody’s being pushed into “one of two camps.”  And it’s all my fault, ’cause I’m the guy nobody ever heard of 20 years ago.  Actually, they all heard of me 20 years ago.

It’s 27 years ago, by the way, and they all knew who I was by the time 1994 came around.  What he means by that is when I burst on the scene with this program, nobody knew who I was because I was not a networker-type guy. I had not spent a lot of time getting to know politicians in Washington.  I just did my show in Sacramento.  So to people like that, I did come out of nowhere.  I was a guy nobody ever heard of.

But look at this.  In just one half hour, look at all that is my fault! (chuckling)  And I’m sure before we’re finished, that will not be all.  Before this is all over, you watch: I’m gonna be blamed for whatever’s happening at Planned Parenthood — or we, in conservatism, will be blamed for what is happening in Planned Parenthood because we’re the ones telling you about it, and if we weren’t hyping it, if we weren’t talking about it, you wouldn’t know it!

You wouldn’t feel bad, and therefore everything would be better.”

Watch below to see Boehner’s comments followed immediately by Rush’s reaction:

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