RINO Goober Graham: Better to Elect Hillary Clinton Than Donald Trump!

Establishment RINO presidential candidate Lindsey Graham issued a statement condemning fellow Republican Donald Trump, following Trump’s highly controversial words about FOX News host Megyn Kelly’s GOP debate performance, that “There was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her…wherever.”

Trump’s comments about Kelly led Erick Erickson late Friday evening to cancel Trump’s invitation to appear at this weekend’s RedState Gathering.

Senator Goober Graham even went further than Erickson in his condemnation of Trump saying that it would be better for America if Republicans lost the election and elected Marxist Hillary Clinton, an admitted friend of Graham’s, or confirmed anti-American socialist Bernie Sanders.

Graham’s statement (emphasis added):

“Due to Donald Trump’s unrelenting and offensive attack on Megyn Kelly and others, we are at a crossroads with Mr. Trump. I applaud Erick Erickson for doing the right thing when he disinvited Donald Trump from a gathering of Republican activists. As a party, we are better to risk losing without Donald Trump than trying to win with him. Enough already with Mr. Trump.

“These statements are not worthy of the office he is seeking nor consistent with the leadership we should expect in a Commander-in-Chief in these dangerous times.”

Graham, who is endorsed by fellow RINO Senator John McCain, basically just told Trump to run third party, a strategy many in Republican circles fear would guarantee the equivalent of Barack Obama’s third term by ensuring a Democrat presidency.

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Trump responded to getting disinvited from the RedState Gathering and the uproar over his ridicule of Kelly by writing to his 3.59 million Twitter followers that, “So many ‘politically correct’ fools in our country. We have to all get back to work and stop wasting time and energy on nonsense!”

Moreover, Trump’s office issued an official statement that Erickson was a “total loser” with a “history of supporting establishment losers in failed campaigns,” and said it was an “honor to be uninvited from his event.”

RedState’s Erickson responded to Trump on Twitter on Saturday, saying that “common decency is not political correctness or weakness” and expressed that he “hated to disinvite” Trump.

Last month, Graham and Trump were in another kerfuffle over Graham calling The Donald a “jackass.” Trump responded by giving out Graham’s personal cell phone number to reporters and the public.

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Matthew K. Burke
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