RINO Jeb Bush Praises Obama’s Race-Hustling; Calls it ‘Speaking the Truth’

Establishment RINO Jeb Bush continues his lurch to the left, as did his father and brother before him. Yesterday, the Jebster admitted that he had fallen — hook, line and sinker — for the global warming/climate change scam/fraud, telling left-wing Bloomberg that “human activity” has “contributed” to global warming, even though real scientific evidence confirms that the earth stopped warming almost 20 years ago.

On Friday, speaking before the National Urban League, the squishy Bush pushed even further left, calling Obama’s race-hustling, which has caused more racial strife and division than any American could have envisioned when elected, as “speaking the truth.”

“When President Obama says that ‘for too long we’ve been blind to the way past injustices continue to shape the present,’ he is speaking the truth,” Bush said, apparently referring to the Obama speech before black church attendees where he delivered the eulogy following the tragic killings in Charleston, South Carolina last month.

“But we should be just as candid about our failures in addressing injustices of the more recent origin,” Bush added, pandering for the black vote, sounding like a Democrat.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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