RINO John Kasich Explains to Voters Why He’s a Good Compromise Between a Corrupt Liar and a Socialist

You just gotta love these establishment RINO squishes. They try to be all things to all people and always end up losing in general elections.

The Republican Party has suffered devastating losses due to a long list of losing RINOs. These include past “most electable” candidates like Gerald Ford (history: he became president following Nixon’s Watergate scandal but was never elected. He lost to Democrat Jimmy Carter, the worst president in U.S. history behind Barack Obama), George H.W. Bush (got elected to one term on conservative Reagan’s coattails, then after governing like a RINO, gave us serial rapist Bill Clinton, and hence Hillary), Bob Dole (Rockefeller Republican who gave us Clinton’s second term), John McCain and Mitt Romney (who couldn’t beat the worst president of all-time, Obama).

Yet, the GOP establishment keeps trotting out these losers who try be Democrat-lite — it’s almost like they love to lose. The Republican Party is known as the “stupid party” for a reason — they are the only party who purposely tries to alienate its own base.

RINO squishes in the current GOP field of presidential candidates, like John Kasich, Jeb Bush and Chris Christie, are clearly the Dole-McCain-Romney’s of this election cycle, and this latest stunt by Kasich is representative of just how desperate the so-called “moderates” are to be loved by Democrats, instead of having a desire to crush them.

In the exchange below, you’ll see John Kasich telling a voter at a New Hampshire rally — a voter who’s torn between the choice of corrupt liar Hillary Clinton, undemocratic socialist Bernie Sanders, and John Kasich — why she should vote for him instead.

Kasich immediately begins walking toward the woman, getting a little bit in her face while telling her he wants to get “up close and personal.”

“Why should I vote for you in the DEMOCRATIC primary,” the woman asks Kasich.

Seeming to use an analogy of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” Kasich tells the confused woman that Bernie Sanders is “too hot,” and Hillary Clinton is “too cold,” but that he’s the best compromise between the two.



h/t The American Mirror

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Matthew K. Burke
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