RINO John McCain: Trump’s Comments on Illegal Immigration are Firing up the Grassroots ‘CRAZIES’ in the GOP

Establishment RINO Senator John McCain, running for yet another term at age 79, is livid at GOP Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump for his recent comments against illegal immigration. McCain is also miffed that Trump took his pro-legal immigration message to the State of Arizona, the state McCain is supposed to be representing.

After Trump’s Phoenix rally attracted multiple thousands of energized people, McCain told the New Yorker on Monday that Trump’s appearance was very “hurtful” to him because Trump was firing up the grassroots “crazies” in the GOP.

“This performance with our friend out in Phoenix is hurtful to me,” McCain told the New Yorker. McCain is famous, as is our most entrenched D.C. political class, for calling their enemies “friends” as a phony attempt at decorum. “Because what he did was he fired up the crazies,” McCain stated.

McCain, who promised to “build the danged fence” during his 2010 re-election campain, speaking of the porous southern U.S. border that has ravaged states like Arizona, quickly pivoted to supporting amnesty, going to bed with the likes of leftist, open-borders advocates like Barack Obama and Chuck Schumer.

During Trump’s Phoenix rally, he blasted McCain for being “incompetent,” putting him in the same context as Obama, and placed doubts on McCain’s re-election chances.

“We have incompetent politicians — not only the president,” Trump told the crowd. “I mean, right here in your own state you have John McCain. I just hate to see when people don’t have common sense, don’t have an understanding of what’s going on. … Some people don’t get it and I don’t think they’ll be in office much longer.”

McCain has two Republican challengers. Arizona State Senator Dr. Kelli Ward, who declared on Tuesday of this week, and small businessman and radio talk show host Alex Muluskey.

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John McCain is no stranger to demonizing the pro-liberty, pro-Constitution Tea Party movement and principled conservatives or libertarians who form a challenge to his corporate cronyism, even joining Democrats and the Obama IRS to attack the grassroots movement.

In 2013, the mean-spirited McCain, who replaced the retiring Barry Goldwater in 1987 and turns 80-years-old in August, referred to pro-liberty Republican Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, and Congressman Justin Amash “wacko birds” for standing on principle in fights with the GOP establishment’s never-ending surrender to the Obama Regime.

McCain has often mentioned that his favorite 2016 presidential candidate is fellow establishment RINO, Lindsey Graham, who is also pro-amnesty.

The New Yorker reported:

McCain, who is eighteen years older than Graham, sounded like a proud father. “Lindsey said this is a moral test for our party. He put on a very strong performance,” McCain said. “Of course, Lindsey was one of the eight of us who negotiated immigration reform. Lindsey never backed away from it.”

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Matthew K. Burke
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