RINO Karl Rove, Donald Trump Wage War on Tea Party [VIDEO]

Donald Trump Was For the Tea Party Before He Was Against It

Establishment RINO Karl Rove and Republican President Donald Trump, who ran as an “outsider,” have launched almost simultaneous, perhaps even orchestrated attacks against the pro-Constitution, pro-liberty Tea Party and its few representatives in Congress, most of whom are in the House Freedom Caucus, a group of 30-40 principled constitutional conservatives with members like Mark Meadows , Jim Jordan , Louie Gohmert , Raul Labrador , and Justin Amash , and the free market, pro-Constitution, pro-liberty American values they represent.

On Thursday, Karl Rove, a longtime enemy of the Tea Party movement, penned an opinion piece in the pro-cronyism Wall Street Journal, in which he put the Freedom Caucus in his crosshairs, writing that the “Freedom Caucusers” were guilty of “political libel against their Republican colleagues” for not voting for Trump-Ryan’s faux Obamacare repeal bill that doesn’t fully repeal Obamacare but instead only amends it around the edges, keeping its infrastructure in place and many of the free-market crushing regulations, mandates and subsidies that have caused both health insurance premiums and deductibles to unnecessarily skyrocket.

Unfortunately, Trump threw his full support behind the RINOCARE bill that has an abysmal 17% approval among Americans.

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Also, on Thursday, Trump declared war on conservatives and the Tea Party, declaring that those principled constitutional conservatives in the House Freedom Caucus, the only group in Congress who stood up to Obama the past eight years, the only representatives who fought the corrupt establishment RINO squishes like John Boehner the past eight years, as enemies who must be defeated, ridiculously placing the Freedom Caucus in the same boat as…Democrats!

I mean, if we wanted to elect a president who attacks true conservatives, if we wanted someone who would align with Karl Rove, the man responsible for moving George W. Bush to the left and the second biggest deficit spender in presidential history, we could have just elected RINO Jeb “low energy” Bush, right?

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Since Thursday, Trump social media director, Dan Scavino, took the ball, specifically calling for Justin Amash, who won his district by a whopping 22 points last year, to be defeated in 2018 primary:

Justin Amash probably is not quaking in his boots as he easily outperformed Donald Trump in his Michigan district by a significant margin, eight points (59.5% to 51.6) in 2016, as did almost all other Freedom Caucus members:

Back to Thursday when Karl Rove and Donald Trump “coincidentally” launched their attacks against the Tea Party, after congressman and Freedom Caucus founding member Jim Jordan appeared on FOX News to proclaim that the Trump-Ryan American Health Care Act (AHCA) keeps Washington D.C. embedded in the nation’s health care system and doesn’t fully repeal Obamacare or lower premiums, Rove appeared on the network to join Trump’s war on conservatives, gleefully piling on the Freedom Caucus:

You’ll notice that Rove did advise Trump not to attack Tea Party conservatives himself but have his underlings do the dirty work. And as you saw above, Dan Scavino got the memo.

However, Trump wasn’t always at war with the Tea Party. Nor was he always aligned with big government Republican Karl Rove. In 2013, when Trump was beginning to build a coalition for his 2016 presidential run as an “outsider,” the lifelong Democrat, former reality TV actor and New York billionaire was putting on a facade to be at war with Rove.

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Kudos to Chris Pandolfo at Conservative Review for digging up these gems from Trump acting all “anti-establishment” in 2013. In the second one, Trump, who is now bullying the Tea Party, somehow finds the gall to say that he doesn’t like bullies and that he’s not going to stand around while Karl Rove bullies the Tea Party:

Is there not a boatload of hypocrisy and double-mindedness here?

For their part, Tea Party-aligned members of Congress aren’t going to bow to Trump’s bullying anymore than they bowed to Obama’s or Karl Roves:

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