RINO Lindsey Graham Completely Unhinged: Did He Just Physically Threaten Donald Trump? [VIDEO]

To say that South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham and real estate tycoon and reality TV star Donald Trump, both GOP presidential candidates for 2016, don’t like each other is an understatement.

Graham, whose candidacy baffles many in the conservative grassroots of the Republican party since he is considered to be a squishy RINO, has been trailing nearly all of the other 16 GOP candidates in the polls. As a result, he has attempted to come out swinging against frontrunner Donald Trump in many ways. But, on Tuesday, he alluded to truly wanting to come out swinging for real.

Though Trump has had his own conservatism questioned, given the fact that he has supported liberal policies such as progressive  taxation and a Canadian style system of health care, Trump has developed a following for his strong stand against illegal immigration and for taking up the cause of those who have been victims of violent crimes by illegals. He’s also seen by many in the conservative grassroots as a breath of fresh air with his way of not backing down and standing strong against those opposing him, a stark contrast to Republicans leaders who tend to back down and apologize when their actions are criticized. Their spinelessness has infuriated their base.

Although Jeb Bush was declared the frontrunner over and over again by the media, Trump has been pummeling everyone in the polls. Far, far behind is Graham whose candidacy is barely even resonating with his own state.

As a result, Graham has tried to be forceful against Trump, but it has backfired big time. After Graham called Trump a “jackass” in July, Trump responded by giving out Graham’s cell phone number at a rally in South Carolina. Earlier on Tuesday, Trump again ridiculed Graham by congratulating him for polling at 4% in his own state, a better showing than the 0% he is polling at nationwide. With Trump polling in South Carolina at 30%, he reminded Graham that he is still lagging far behind him.

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Maybe that’s what set Graham off. During an appearance on CNN, Graham not only slandered Trump supporters as being a bunch of racist, xenophobic birthers, he also threatened to “beat his brains out” if Trump actually went to South Carolina.

Given the “in your face” way that Trump responds to people, it wouldn’t be surprising if he held a press conference in South Carolina and invited Graham to try to make good on his threat. Something tells me that Graham would lose. I don’t know about you, but I’d pay to see that fight.



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