RINO Mitch McConnell Announces His Plans for Planned Butcherhood Funding; You Can Guess Where This is Going

Obama’s Mitch McConnell, on the day before the ninth horrific undercover video exposing the barbaric acts and satanic rituals of Planned Parenthood, has announced that he will not fight to defund the evil organization.

RINO McConnell, the Senate Majority “leader,” announced on Monday that he will continue to forfeit the constitutional power of the purse to the Obama Regime, as he’s done on Obamacare, Obama’s illegal amnesty and on the debt ceiling, in order to continue funding the baby butchering and body parts trafficking operation.

“The president’s made it very clear he’s not going to sign any bill that includes defunding of Planned Parenthood, so that’s another issue that awaits a new president, hopefully with a different point of view about Planned Parenthood,” McConnell said Monday on the Kentucky station WYMT’s “Issues and Answers.”

Since its inception, Planned Butcherhood has received an estimated $5 billion in taxpayer money, with over $500 billion in the last year alone.

“Surrender Caucus” Leader Mitch McConnell, who promised repeatedly during his 2014 re-election campaign that the tyrannical Obama Regime could be stopped if only voters would give Republicans control of the U.S. Senate (with him in control, of course), cited Obama’s “pen” as the reason for his surrender on Planned Parenthood funding. The argument made by McConnell and fellow RINO, Speaker of the House John Boehner, was that Republicans were impotent because they only controlled one-third of the government.

Now the GOP controls two-thirds of the government, and McConnell is using the same sorry excuse.

“We just don’t have the votes to get the outcome that we’d like,” he said. “Again, the president has the pen to sign it. If he doesn’t sign it, it doesn’t happen. But, yeah, we voted on that already in the Senate, we’ll vote on it again, but I would remind all of your viewers the way you make a law in this country, the Congress has to pass it and the president has to sign it.”

Meanwhile, Texas Senator and presidential candidate Ted Cruz, who exposed McConnell as a liar on the Senate floor, has promised that if elected he would not only defund the Planned Parenthood, but would also prosecute the grotesque group for the crimes committed in the undercover videos produced by the Center for Medical Progress.

Ted Cruz revealed on Friday that corrupt GOP leadership, led by McConnell and Boehner, are scheming to “roll over” on the Obama-Kerry Iran Deal, to “have a show vote — to lose the show vote, and then move on to their real priorities which is growing government, passing corporate welfare and passing cronyist programs like the Export-Import Bank.”

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Sound familiar?

Last month, the limp-wristed Obama’s Mitch vowed that he would not shut down the government in order to save the lives of babies slaughtered by Planned Butcherhood with taxpayer money.

Rest assured, if a RINO is elected to the presidency, nothing will change, despite McConnell’s promises — promises that have repeatedly proven to be worthless.

h/t:  The Hill

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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