RINO Paul Ryan Making Robocalls for F-Rated Fake Conservative

Paul Ryan, David Joyce (RINO-OH)

Establishment RINO Speaker of the House Paul Ryan may not be officially inserting himself in the presidential race, but he is definitely working overtime to surround himself with fellow squishes in the next Congress.

Paul Ryan is running robocalls in support of incumbent big government RINO Dave Joyce , who is running for re-election against grassroots constitutional conservative Matt Lynch in Ohio’s 14th congressional district, in a primary election set for Tuesday, March 15.

In robocalls obtained by PolitiStick, Paul Ryan lies repeatedly (page down to hear robocall) in the 22-second call, referring to Joyce as a “conservative” even though his voting record is comparable to that of a far-left liberal. Dave Joyce has a Conservative Review “Liberty Score” of “F,” an abysmal score of only 37% (with 100% being the highest score).

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As you can see below, Ryan attempts to bamboozle Ohio voters into believing that Dave Joyce, who voted to fund Obamacare, Planned Parenthood, Obama’s illegal amnesty, and even publicly boasted of his support for the bloated omnibus, aka: “cromnibus” spending bill, is a limited government Republican:

“This is Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, calling on behalf of my friend Dave Joyce. I’m asking for your help is sending Northeast Ohio conservative Dave Joyce to Congress so he can help us continue the fight to secure our country, cut spending, and provide a new vision for America.

Thank you for your time and your continued support of conservative Dave Joyce.”

Matt Lynch, an Ohio state representative who is challenging Dave Joyce, was one of the few Ohio legislators who fought against RINO Ohio Governor John Kasich’s budget-busting Medicaid expansion and Obamacare support.

“The governor and the Legislature are doing President Obama’s bidding by forcing Ohio taxpayers to subsidize Obamacare by Medicaid expansion,” Lynch said.

“It’s clear that the budget is a product of John Kasich’s philosophy; it’s just being implemented by the Legislature at his insistence,” he added.

As might be expected, the GOP establishment, led by the likes of anti-conservative RINO kingmaker Steve LaTourette, have viciously attacked Matt Lynch for having the courage to challenge Kasich’s big government policies in Ohio.

Matt Lynch has been endorsed by Tea Party Patriots and the Republican Liberty Caucus, as well as numerous Ohio pro-life groups. Lynch challenged the cronyist-funded Joyce in 2014, and lost 55-45.

Considering this cycle’s “anti-establishment” fervor, this time, the results may be different. A Gravis Marketing poll in February showed Lynch with an eight-point lead over Joyce (37-29%), but many voters undecided.

A well-placed source tells us the Paul Ryan robocall, which you can hear below, was funded by the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County in Ohio.


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Matthew K. Burke
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