RINO Paul Ryan’s Supporters Send Thuggish Message to his Tea Party Challenger

Back in April, Paul Nehlen, the insurgent Tea Party candidate who is challenging Speaker Paul Ryan to represent Wisconsin’s First Congressional District, debuted what The Politistick referred to as perhaps “the most epic campaign vehicle in American history.”

As part of his “Dump Ryan” campaign, Nehlen debuted a big yellow dump truck emblazoned with the words “Get the DIRT on Ryan at…DUMPPAULRYAN.COM.” The ingenious idea was a hit with many who have been frustrated and even angry over the job Paul Ryan has been doing in DC but apparently it didn’t go over so well with supporters of Ryan.

On Memorial Day, of all times, as the truck sat in the parking lot of a U.S. Post Office which is located on the route of Kenosha’s Memorial Day parade, vandals struck. Tires on the truck were slashed, lettering was torn off, and duct tape was strategically placed to cover up the “Get the DIRT on Ryan at DumpPaulRyan.com” message.

In response to the vandalism, Nehlen said,  “When your opponent’s supporters feel the need to vandalize your campaign property, you know you’ve gotten under their skin.”

Nehlen talked about the positive response to the truck by many in the community and described it as like being a mascot for the campaign.

“The truck has really become a mascot for this campaign. People honk when they see the truck going down the road. They like to have their picture taken with it. They even post sightings of it on Facebook and Twitter when they spot it driving down the road. It’s a great conversation starter. We’ve even had those squeeze-type stress relievers made up in the shape of the dump truck. There’s been huge demand for them among our campaign supporters.”

Despite the setback, Nehlen believes the reaction by the vandals, who are undoubtedly supporters of Paul Ryan, demonstrates that the Ryan camp is worried.

He shared,“It’s unfortunate that the truck was damaged. But this campaign is undeterred. In fact, we know now more than ever that we have the Ryan camp worried. We’re pressing on.”

Police are investigating the vandalism.



h/t PaulNehlen.com

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Jennifer Burke
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