Two Major GOP Establishment RINO Relics Endorse Marco Rubio

The GOP establishment is rushing to get behind pro-amnesty Marco Rubio after wasting over $100 million on another pro-amnesty RINO candidate, Jeb Bush, who dropped out of the race on Saturday night.

Rockefeller Republican Bob Dole an iconic figure among the old guard GOP establishment, has endorsed pro-amnesty presidential candidate Marco Rubio , he announced on Monday.

The 92-year-old big government RINO, who ran for the presidency in 1980 against Ronald Reagan (which speaks volumes), only going on to run two more highly unsuccessful presidential runs in 1988 and 1996, told the New York Times last month that the Republican Party would suffer “cataclysmic” and “wholesale losses” if constitutional conservative Ted Cruz was the GOP nominee. So it’s not a shocker that Dole would endorse establishment darling Marco Rubio.

“Now that my good friend Jeb Bush is no longer running, I’m supporting Rubio,” Bob Dole said on ABC’s “Political Powerhouse” podcast in announcing his endorsement of Marco Rubio, who was elected with support of the Tea Party in 2010, only to quickly become a pro-amnesty establishment stooge.

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Another RINO relic, Sen. Orrin Hatch , 81, endorsed Rubio, the Gang of Eight leader and main author of the Rubio-Amnesty Bill, just hours after Bob Dole’s endorsement.

Over the weekend, rumors surfaced that another RINO with multiple presidential losses, Mitt Romney, was going to endorse Marco Rubio as well. However, the Rubio campaign has called the rumors “false.”

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Dole and Romney represent a long conga line of establishment RINO squishes who were sold to America as “most electable,” as was John McCain, another failed GOP establishment pick.

Orrin Hatch is one of the worse RINOs in Washington, D.C., often performing as a rubber stamp for Obama while simultaneously masquerading as a conservative in order to get continually re-elected.

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Matthew K. Burke
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