RINO Relic John McCain: Best Way to Get Info From Terrorists is to be Their FRIEND!

John McCain

In a stunningly strange appearance on FOX News’ Outnumbered on Monday, RINO relic John McCain , 79, a favorite of the leftstream media and the political establishment in both parties, weighed in on Donald Trump’s Saturday GOP debate comments in which he declared that if elected he would bring back the enhanced interrogation technique of waterboarding when the nation’s security is threatened by a potential terrorist attack.

Trump said at the debate that he would “bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding,” while Ted Cruz said that waterboarding does not meet the technical definition of torture and that while a Cruz administration would not ban the practice, he “would not bring it back in any sort of widespread use.”

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Hillary Clinton’s favorite Republican, John McCain, repeated Democrat Party talking points that Abu Ghraib was used by terrorists as a recruiting tool and that waterboarding doesn’t work, but even if it did, it’s illegal and those who say it works are liars. However, McCain then says waterboarding, which he calls torture, should be used to stop a nuclear attack, but also referred to the practice as a “near-death experience.”

“Abu Ghraib shocked the world. Abu Ghraib was a great propaganda tool for them. We tried Japanese generals and hung them for war crimes. One of the crimes was waterboarding. And finally, I guarantee you, that when someone is subjected to torture — and by the way, this is a near death experience — then they will tell that person who’s administering that anything they want to hear. And when someone says that it led to Osama bin Laden, they’re lying. And so what we got was a whole lot of bad information from these people who just told whatever they thought the interrogator wanted to hear.

And second of all, are we going to subject people to torture? Is that what the United States is all about?”

Amazingly, McCain then went on to declare that the best way to get information from a radical Islamic terrorist who wants to behead you is — catch this — “to be a friend” and to claiming he was told as much by retired General David Petraeus just this morning.

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John McCain then went on to discuss what he claims General Petraeus told him this morning. He said, according to Petraeus, the best way to get information is to become a friend of that prisoner and develop a relationship over time. That’s what works.

Stunningly, RINO McCain then went on to argue that those who claim waterboarding works are lying, that the Bush Administration “is in violation of the law” and that they are in “violation of the Geneva Conventions.”

When asked by Andrea Tantaros whether McCain would specifically call former Bush administration attorney general, Michael Mukasey a liar, McCain answered, “Yes, I know that he is.”

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Then after saying waterboarding should be prohibited, John McCain did a surprising about-face, saying that if it’s a “matter of where the nuclear weapon is,” then waterboarding should be used, a major contradiction over what he literally just said seconds before.

McCain is saying that it is impossible to get “useful information” through waterboarding, and those who say you can are liars, but then says that in the case of a nuclear threat, waterboarding would suddenly cause the terrorist to reveal “useful information?”


Even under McCain’s extraordinary hypothetical scenario, and according to McCain’s prior claim, wouldn’t waterboarding being used under those circumstances still be a “violation of the Geneva Conventions?”

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