RINO Relic John McCain Caught LYING to Smear This Legendary Conservative [VIDEO]

RINO John McCain at the Christian Science Monitor Breakfast, Dec. 2, 2015

Arizona Senator John McCain, a 2008 GOP presidential failure who gave America the worst president in American history, Barack Obama, was desperately trying to slam current GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump at the Christian Science Monitor breakfast on Wednesday, Dec. 2.

McCain, 79, who in 2014 was embarrassingly censured by the Arizona GOP — his own party — for being a “RINO,” a “Republican-In-Name-Only, told USA Today’s Susan Page that if Donald Trump was the eventual Republican presidential nominee it would likely cost Republicans their majority in the U.S. Senate to Democrats.

RINO McCain, who replaced the retiring Arizona iconic conservative Barry Goldwater in 1987, said that when Goldwater won the GOP nomination in 1964, he caused “big time” losses in the U.S. Senate for the Republicans.

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“I think obviously, we all know from history that if you have a weak top of the ticket that has a significant effect on the states, particularly the swing states. If it is an unpopular — you know I hate to refer to Barry Goldwater, who I loved and admired. But the fact is when Barry Goldwater lost, we lost big-time,” McCain told Page, responding to a question from her whether Trump could cost the GOP the Senate.

Well, as that great philosopher, Maury Povich might say, “And THAT is a lie.”

Conservative Barry Goldwater was the nominee for the Republican Party in 1964, but the notion that he somehow caused a massive loss in the U.S. Senate is simply a complete and outright lie to distract from McCain’s own disastrous presidential candidacy, which actually did cause a major loss of seats.

From 1961-63, the two years prior to Goldwater becoming the GOP nominee in 1964, Democrats held a 64-36 majority in the U.S. Senate over the Republicans. From ’63-65, the Dems lead increased to a 67-33 advantage.

Specifically, in the 1964 U.S. Senate election when McCain claims the “big time” losses caused by Barry Goldwater, Republicans only lost two Senate seats. It was not a “big-time” loss as McCain suggests.

So when was there a “big time” loss in Senate seats for Republicans? Well, coincidentally I’m sure — and RINO McCain mysteriously left this out of his answer — it was when he ran for president in 2008 and was the GOP nominee.

Prior to the historic McCain 2008 loss, Republicans and Democrats both held 49 seats (two were held by Independents) — they were tied.

However, John McCain, an establishment favorite who often votes with Democrats on key issues like amnesty for illegal aliens, funding Obamacare, and other anti-American big government measures, undoubtedly did cost the GOP a “big-time” loss in the U.S. Senate.

McCain’s squishy coattails led the GOP from a 49-49 tie to a 57-41 disadvantage, a loss of eight seats to the Democrats.

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Shamefully, RINO McCain is so desperate to, a) get Donald Trump, a non-establishment candidate who stands strongly for border security and the deportation of foreigners in America illegally — two issues McCain’s masters at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce disagree with Trump on (they want the cheap labor at the expense of American jobs), and, b) deflect from his own failures as a presidential candidate against Barack Obama, who is easily is, at best, the worst president in American history, and, at worst, a traitor, that he would smear the legendary conservative Barry Goldwater with lies.

John McCain is being challenged by Arizona State Senator Kelli Ward and businessman Alex Meluskey in his 2016 re-election bid.


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