RINO Relics Circle the Wagons to Defend Liar Mitch McConnell; Attack Ted Cruz; Cruz Fires Back

RINO relics Orrin Hatch, 81, Lamar Alexander, 75, and John McCain, 79, launched attacks against principled conservative Senator Ted Cruz, a 2016 presidential candidate, for daring to call out Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as a liar on Friday, strongly defending McConnell without being able to specifically challenge or refute Cruz’s contention.

“The chair reminds all senators of the following paragraph from Rule 19 of the Standing Rules of the Senate … ‘No senator in debate shall directly or indirectly by any form of words impute to another senator or to other senators any conduct or motive unworthy or unbecoming a senator,” Orrin Hatch, speaking as the Senate president pro tempore said on Sunday, referring to Cruz’s speech on Friday.

“I would note that it is entirely consistent with decorum and with the nature of this body, traditionally as the world’s greatest deliberative body, to tell the truth,” Cruz fired back. “Speaking the truth about actions is entirely consistent with civility.”

Cruz went on to repeat a quote often attributed to George Orwell: “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

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Without having the courage to name Cruz by name, Lamar Alexander launched a personal character assassination at Cruz, perhaps breaking the same rule the trio of aged RINOs were trying to invoke upon Cruz.

“You learn that in kindergarten: You learn to work well together and play by the rules,” Lamar Alexander said according to Politico. “Another thing you learn in kindergarten is to respect one another,” Alexander stated, attempting to shame Cruz for exposing McConnell’s lies.

“Let’s even assume that he’s right, which he wasn’t, you still don’t do that,” Sen. John McCain said of Cruz’s takedown of McConnell. “My understanding is that Mitch McConnell told us what he was going to do.”

Under McConnell’s leadership, Obamacare was funded, Planned Butcherhood was funded, Obama’s illegal amnesty was funded, and radical Marxist Loretta Lynch was nominated, all with the blessing of Orrin Hatch, John McCain and Lamar Alexander. As has been the case throughout their careers, all campaigned as staunch conservatives, but have governed like leftist Democrats, hence the term RINO (Republican in name only).

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Cruz’s historic body-slam of Mitch McConnell, exposing his series of lies, saying one thing to the press and his constituents and something entirely different in backroom deals, is seen by the trio of ancient RINOs as a deplorable and revolutionary act.

Below is Orrin Hatch’s attack on Ted Cruz and Cruz’s response, which begins around the 5:20 minute mark:

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