RINO Ryan Unabashedly Called Out as Being Bendover Boehner 2.0 [VIDEO]

“Obama’s Mitch” McConnell Gets Called Out as Kentucky Fried Chicken”


I hate to say “I told you so,”  but I told you so.

When Paul Ryan was a name floated by the Republican leadership to be the next Speaker of the House I immediately, loudly, and publicly came out strongly against the idea. I even coined the phrase, “Paul Ryanocerus” as I believed — now proven correctly — that he was going to be John Boehner 2.0. The Paul Ryan’s Betrayal of America Act of 2015, the $1.1 Trillion “Omnibus” is just that, a total and complete betrayal.

Leftists Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer and Barack Obama got EVERYTHING they ask for and then some:

  • Fully Fund Planned Parenthood-Check.
  • Fully Fund Sanctuary Cities-Check.
  • Fully Fund Obamacare-Check.
  • Fully Fund the fake science of Climate Change-Check.
  • Fully Fund the fake Syrian “refugees”-CHECK.

In the Senate, the “Kentucky Fried Chicken” Mitch McConnell (another phrase I coined) is threatening to force an establishment RINO like him to run as an Independent just to help Hillary Clinton — or worse — straight up vote for her. Mitch McConnell is going to be like the character in the movie “Office Space” relegated to the basement and stripped of his red Swingline stapler.

Hillary Clinton lied as usual and, this time, said that ISIS is using images of Donald Trump in their recruiting videos. Actually, they are using her serial fornicator husband Bill “I will do anything with or without a skirt” Clinton instead.

And finally, one of America’s foremost leading experts in international affairs and public policy the President of The London Center For Policy Research, Herbert I. London, joined me to discuss the ever-growing threat of terrorism here in America and abroad and why Barack Obama in only 7.5 years has systematically destabilized the entire Middle East, refuses to take responsibility, and doesn’t have a plan to fix it. This was one hell of show…

With Liberty,

Josh Bernstein
TV Host, Political Analyst, & Commentator
National Spokesman for AMAC
Dir of Communications for TPC

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Josh Bernstein
Josh Bernstein
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