Rob Lowe is ‘Done’ with this Business and their ‘Political Agenda’


Actor Rob Lowe is no stranger to letting his political opinion be known on Twitter. He’s developed a following of people who are interested in his commentary, which is quite different than what you would expect from a major Hollywood figure.

You see, Rob Lowe is no lefty and that makes him even more interesting to those who have had enough of the far-leftists in Hollywood who work to push the radical Democrat agenda. With the recent debut of the Starbucks Christmas season coffee cups, many people are upset that the cute and seasonal Christmas drawings have been replaced with a plain red cup, seeing it as yet another diss on Christianity. Add Rob Lowe to that group of disappointed people.

Lowe took to Twitter to say what he thinks about the Starbucks decision.

Lowe had his supporters on the subject.

But, he also had those who think he is making a big deal out of nothing.


For those unfamiliar with the Rob Lowe DirecTV/cable reference, here’s a video of those commercials to help you understand what that person meant. He didn’t let the haters and those judging his personal decision get to him. Lowe returned to Twitter a few hours later and weighed in on Starbucks as a whole one more time.

What do you think? Is Rob Lowe making too big of a deal over the Starbucks red cups or does he have a point?

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