Rob Lowe Tweets Obvious Truth About #ParisAttacks; Leftist Heads Explode

On Friday, the country of France suffered devastating terrorist attacks in their capitol city of Paris. A series of well-planned and coordinated terrorist attacks occurred in Paris in a reported seven different locations. France, which has accepted tens of thousands of Syrian refugees, has lost more than 150 people and counting in these attacks. Terrorists opened fire at a restaurant, took over a concert hall, and detonated suicide bombs outside of a soccer match, among other locations.

France, which is a gun-free country, also has had pretty much open borders. Nearly immediately following the terrorist attack, France not only went into a state of emergency and mandatory curfew, they also closed their borders for the first time since World War II.

Reports indicate that one individual arrested said that he is from Syria and was recruited by ISIS. He said the attacks were by ISIS. Witnesses also said that the terrorists said, “This is for Syria” and “Allahu Akbhar” before firing.”

When actor and vocal Twitter user Rob Lowe learned that France had indeed closed its borders, it didn’t take him very long to tweet out his thoughts about it.

Of course, leftists on Twitter did not take too kindly to Rob Lowe’s tweet. Despite the heinous action of these terrorists, even shooting those held captive at the Bataclan concert hall one by one, reloading their weapons as they callously assassinated innocent civilians, bleeding heart liberals went after Lowe for his tweet.

Actually, dude, it hasn’t. Lowe has had a consistent career on hit shows since he left the West Wing.

Seriously? Lowe is making the world worse, not the Islamic terrorist who killed more than 150 people in Paris? Please, make the stupid go away.

Looks like someone has some jealousy to go along with their Muslim terrorist appeasement.

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Yet another idiot who defends Muslim terrorists. UPDATE: The hateful tweets just keep coming his way. The truth must really sting.

Nasty, nasty.

Although the horrendous left have come out in full force to attack Rob’s opinion, there was a pretty cool blast from the past who came to his defense.

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