Romney’s Wealth or Rubio’s Lack Thereof: The Left Still Attacks

 Remember the dusty, old, moldy canard from the Left that Republicans are the “Party of the Rich”? They dusted it off during the 2012 Presidential race as a bludgeoning tool against the Mitt Romney campaign with assists from the mainstream media and the online progressive attack forces.

Of course, Mr. Petulance, our president, had to chime in back then with his famous “sliver spoon” jab; this coming from someone who locked up his past financial and educational records from public view in his typical “most transparent administration evah” style. (Question: how does someone get to attend Occidental College, Columbia University and Harvard Law without a “silver spoon”? Beats me!)

The attacks on Romney’s wealth and the motive to use such to paint him as “out-of-touch” with the average American were relentless. To wit, some sampling, here, here, here, here, here & here. I could go on for pages.

Well, welcome to the 2016 election cycle. Being rich like say, Donald Trump, who is far, far wealthier than Romney, is old and busted as a handicap. The shiny new and improved cudgel is (surprise!): Marco Rubio is too poor.

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Back in June, a major supplier of bird cage liners, the New York Times, chimed in with this beauty. The pile-on was inevitable. The Washington Post, CNN, ABC, CNBC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, (of course!) and dozens of other media outlets running the gauntlet from broadcast, online and print are currently in full-on scramble mode, waxing on, wringing their hands and shouting the alarm in regards to this obvious disqualifier for the Presidency.

Rubio’s crime? He’s struggled financially at times and had to liquidate some of his assets. How UN-AMERCAN! Apparently, having to struggle with your finances is out-of-touch with the average American who, being hammered with a stagnant economy, stagnant wages and rising costs-of living, is finding themselves…..struggling financially. Wait….what?

Has it never been more obvious that the Left is completely out of any ideas? Can we finally put out to pasture the idea that the “main stream” media is not utterly biased? They are incapable of debating the real issues that confront the citizenry today. Their only remaining strategy stolen from a three year olds argument: Rich Man or Poor Man, Republican = BAD.

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Alex David
Alex David
Alex David attended City University of New York (Brooklyn College) with a major in Business Administration & Finance and entered Wall Street with a three year stay at Drexel Burnham Lambert as an assistant to top brokers and entered their executive training program. After three years on Wall Street he entered the Auto Industry as a Sales and then Finance Executive representing brands such as BMW & Lexus. He then moved from New York City to sunny Arizona continuing his auto industry career and later segued into the Equipment Leasing and Financing industry for 3 years before eventually moving to (not so sunny) Seattle, Washington continuing in that industry and eventually joining a multi-national New Media company as an Sales & Marketing Director in 2009. Alex is a Kiwanis Club member, volunteer, 12th man fan for the Seattle Seahawks and sporadic angler. He currently resides in Anacortes, Washington with his lovely girlfriend, his son and their Great Pyrenees, Layla.

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