No, Ronald Reagan Did NOT Endorse Gerald Ford in 1976

Many out there in social media, mostly Trump cultists desperately trying to rewrite history, are attempting to create a narrative that Ronald Reagan — for the sake of party unity — got behind RINO Gerald Ford in 1976, after challenging Ford, an incumbent Republican president.

As Maury Povich might say, “And that was a lie.”

According to leading Reagan author and historian Craig Shirley, Ronald Reagan not only did not endorse Gerald Ford, who performed dirty tricks against him that paled in comparison to the ones used by Donald Trump against Ted Cruz , but Reagan also didn’t campaign for Ford.

Craig Shirley clarified the matter on The Mark Levin Show on Wednesday after extreme pressure was applied by Trump cultists like pitiful RINO Chris Christie, who said that Ted Cruz must endorse the man who ridiculed his wife’s looks and accused his father of assassinating JFK.

Moreover, Shirley noted that if Gerald Ford had attacked Nancy Reagan the way that Trump did Heidi Cruz, Reagan would have punched back and hard.

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h/t:  Conservative Review

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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