Rotund RINO Chris Christie: Ted Cruz ‘Less of a Person’ If He Doesn’t Endorse Trump [VIDEO]

Chris Christie

Rotund RINO Chris Christie, still morbidly obese after having his stomach stapled over three years ago, said on Wednesday that Ted Cruz must endorse bloviating billionaire and reality TV actor Donald Trump, or he’s somehow “less of a person.”

Chris Christie, still butthurt that Trump used him like a used paper towel and gave the V.P. running mate slot to Indiana Governor Mike Pence, told CNN’s Jake Tapper that Ted Cruz must stick to the pledge he signed several months ago to support the eventual GOP nominee.

Of course, as Chris Christie knows, the pledge was before Donald Trump ridiculed Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi Cruz’s looks, and before he accused Cruz’s father, first-generation Cuban-American, and Southern Baptist minister Rafael Cruz of murdering John F. Kennedy.

The pledge was also signed before Trump had his best buddy from The National Enquirer, David Pecker, produce a hit piece accusing Cruz of having affairs with five different women. And the only person interviewed for the piece? Well, none other than longtime political dirty tricks smear merchant and Trump surrogate, Roger Stone.

Trump has never publicly apologized to Ted Cruz for these smears, and if he was half the man he claims to be, he would.

And if Chris Christie would endorse another politician after that same politician viciously attacks his wife and family, then he too is less than a man.

Ted Cruz doesn’t need Donald Trump, Christie. It’s the other way around.

Perhaps Christie thinks that after losing the VP slot, he should shove his fat head even further up Trump’s behind in order to land an attorney general appointment.

Because, as “The Great One,” Mark Levin so accurately points out, Chris Christie couldn’t get re-elected to dog catcher in New Jersey, where his approval ratings are lower than most deadly diseases.

And by the way, according to Reagan author and historian Craig Shirley, who appeared on Levin’s radio show on Wednesday, Ronald Reagan never endorsed Gerald Ford in 1976, despite several media reports and attempts to rewrite history from Trump cultists.


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Matthew K. Burke
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