Rubio Hilariously Mocks Trump’s Latest Unhinged Twitter Meltdown [VIDEO]

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“Friends do not let friends vote for con artists.” ~ Marco Rubio on Donald Trump

Bloviating billionaire and reality TV actor Donald Trump went on an incoherent Twitter rampage following his getting bloodied by Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio in Thursday night’s GOP debate, leaving some to wonder if Trump was “drunk tweeting” (as The Blaze’s Stu Burguiere assessed).

Or, perhaps Trump was just punch-drunk from getting relentlessly pummeled by Cruz and Rubio all night on issues like Trump University, socialized medicine, and hiring illegal aliens.

As you can see, Trump’s Twitter feed was filled with numerous spelling and grammatical errors, causing Rubio to hilariously mock Trump (see video below):

Guys. Donald Trump is currently drunk tweeting. Sad!

Posted by Stu Burguiere on Friday, February 26, 2016

Marco Rubio called Trump out as a con artist, then proceeded to mock him relentlessly even more than he did at the GOP Debate last night.

“It’s time to pull his mask off  [Trump’s] so people can see what we’re dealing with here. What we are dealing with here my friends is a con artist. He is a con artist.”

Rubio poked fun at the tweets, reading some to an audience in Dallas Friday morning, noting that Trump spelled “choker” c-h-o-c-k-e-r instead. He

Rubio also accused Trump of melting down at last night’s debate during the break and provided details.
“First, he had this little makeup thing, applying makeup around his mustache, because he had one of those sweat mustaches,” Rubio said.

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“Then he asked for a full-length mirror. I don’t know why, because the podium goes up to here,” Rubio said, pointing to his chest. “Maybe to make sure his pants weren’t wet. I don’t know,” he joked.

Rubio also mocked Trump for misspelling words like “lightweight” (which Trump spelled “leightweight”) and “honor” (which Trump spelled “honer”).

“I don’t know how he got that wrong, because the ‘e’ and the ‘o’ are nowhere near each other on the keyboard,” Rubio said with the crowd laughing.

Rubio concluded that Trump perhaps misspelled words so badly because he must have “hired a foreign worker to do his own tweets.”

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Trump has been bullying other GOP candidates with mockery and insults from the beginning of the campaign. It’s refreshing to see him get a little bit of his own medicine. Why did it take so long?


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