Trumpist Rudy Giuliani: No Mass Deportations Under a President Trump [VIDEO]

Appearing with Jake Tapper on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday, leading Donald Trump surrogate Rudy Giuliani said that Trump will attempt to deport all “criminal illegal immigrants,” however, after that occurs, some illegals will be allowed to stay depending on their situation.

“What he said in the speech is after we secure the border and after we remove the criminal illegal immigrants, to a large extent, you’re never going to get to 100 percent. Then, and only then, can we look at this in a very rational way in which we can look at all of the options and be open to all the options.”

“And he doesn’t want to separate families, as you say,” Tapper asked.

“I would say that would be one of the things that would be pretty clear,” Giuliani answered. “There are other options, too — it’s going to depend on the person. I mean some of these people could have been on welfare for the last 30 years, or taking benefits or cheating. And maybe some of them have to be thrown out, but not necessarily all of them, and that’s the point he was making in the speech.”

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In other words, no mass deportations and some who came to America illegally will be allowed to stay in America. When Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich were making almost identical arguments, it was called “amnesty” and Trump attacked them for it.

It still is amnesty, of course, despite the twisting and turning of those in the Trump Cult, who can’t process the reality that they’ve been duped into believing a liberal con man who had never spoken out against amnesty until his presidential run.

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As Ted Cruz warned in May, trying his hardest to convince Trump’s useful idiots that they were being deceived: “If you care about immigration, Donald is laughing at you.


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