Rush Limbaugh has Some Advice for Trump as He Wages a War Against the GOP

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Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh has faced criticism throughout this election season for carrying Trump’s water and going easy on him. The man seen as the defender of conservatism let that principle go by the wayside as Trump ascended to the top of the Republican nominees during the primary. Rather than analyze and give his opinion on Trump’s statements, issues, and actions, Rush either ignored the controversial things or simply recounted them.

On Wednesday morning, however, as Trump is in the middle of his self-declared war against Paul Ryan and the Republican party, Rush Limbaugh had some advice for his friend and Republican nominee, Donald Trump.

Essentially, Limbaugh’s advice to Trump is to “move on” because congressional endorsements are meaningless.

“Mr. Trump, move on. If congressional endorsements meant anything, Jeb Bush would be the nominee. Move on. It doesn’t matter. The people that are running away from you are the people that want to sign up for amnesty and join the Democrats anyway, move on. These people couldn’t get the people they wanted the nomination. Just swat them away, Mr. Trump.”

Something tells me Trump will not heed Limbaugh’s advice. In fact, he was ramping up his attacks against Republicans as Rush’s show aired and that advice was delivered.

How many times have we all heard “Let Trump be Trump.” This is who he is, so expect the attacks to continue. He either can’t seem to focus on his real enemy, Hillary Clinton, or he is heeding the advice of Hillary’s husband, Bill, who encouraged him a few weeks before he announced his candidacy to enter the presidential race.

Bill reportedly encouraged his friend and golfing buddy Donald Trump to take a larger role in the Republican party. Boy, is he ever doing just that, much to the delight of the Clintons.

Listen to Rush Limbaugh’s advice to Donald Trump to “move on.”

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