Rush Limbaugh: ‘ALL ENERGY’ Must Get Behind This Candidate if Trump is to be Stopped [AUDIO]

The number one radio talk show host in the nation, Rush Limbaugh, said on Thursday that only Ted Cruz can stop Donald Trump and that those who are against Trump must coalesce around Cruz and put “all energy behind his campaign.

“You’ve gotta a guy here — Ted Cruz — where is all of this anti-Trump emotion? Why isn’t it going to Cruz?” Limbaugh asked.

“It seems to me that the guy next in line if you want to deny Trump that you’ve got to go with Cruz. You’ve got to put all of your energy behind Cruz in these remaining states. You’ve got to join the campaign effort, get votes out, donations, what have you.” 

Answering his own question, Limbaugh opined that the reason GOP establishment (although Lindsey Graham sort of did today) has been slow to get behind Ted Cruz is because, in addition to being against Trump, they don’t want a true, principled constitutional conservative in the White House either.

“The Republican Party establishment, whatever you want to call it, they don’t want conservativism either,” Limbaugh, who has a firm personal policy of not endorsing in presidential primaries, but for years has preached The Limbaugh Rule, which states that you vote for the most conservative candidate in the primary.

Donald Trump presently has a lead in the delegate count over Ted Cruz, 662-408, with 1,237 being the magic number required to become the GOP nominee.

“There is a humongous opportunity standing right next to them — Ted Cruz. And you want to talk about debates? There’s no way Hillary Clinton can come anywhere near holding a candle to Ted Cruz in a debate — on policy — or anything else.

“There’s nobody better equipped to indict Hillary Clinton — to expose her and her party for everything that is going wrong — and yet, with the Republican Party, Cruz is not even there!

And they’re focusing on one guy [Kasich] whose won one state, and it was his home state!”

“If you want to stop Trump, the best opportunity you’ve got is Ted Cruz,” Limbaugh said.

Rush Limbaugh spent considerable time on Thursday blasting RINO Ohio Governor John Kasich, calling him “delusional” for staying in the race and thinking that he has a chance to be the nominee.

After winning his home state of Ohio, Kasich remains in last place behind Marco Rubio, who exited the race following his poor showing in his home state of Florida on Tuesday.

Listen to the segment below via Daily Rushbo.

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