Rush Limbaugh: Cruz Sabotaged at GOP Dinner with Media Dirty Trick [VIDEO]

Image Credit: The Rush Limbaugh Show

It was widely reported by mainstream media, leftstream media, leftist blogs and Trump sycophants and propagandists, that Ted Cruz was “ignored” by a “stunningly distracted” crowd who “spoke over him” at a Republican New York GOP gala on Thursday night.

As I watched the broadcast live on FOX News, Cruz was speaking in his typical fiery fashion and the sound sounded very normal, but then, magically, as the “Hannity” logo appeared at the right-hand bottom corner of the screen — a coincidence I’m sure — the sound became terribly distorted with Cruz’s voice being severely muffled, while you could suddenly hear the white noise and the amplified sound of every other noise going on in the room, silverware hitting plates, etc.

Watch the quick VINE below. You can clearly hear the difference in the way things sounded before the “Hannity” logo appeared and immediately after.

The leading conservative radio host in the nation, Rush Limbaugh, who knows a thing or two about electronic sound having been a broadcaster for decades, noticed the sudden sound change, too.

On Thursday, Limbaugh called it “sabotage” and one of the best-played “dirty tricks” against a candidate that he’s ever seen pulled off, even noting that dinner was pre-planned to be served in the middle of Cruz’s speech as to create additional sound to create the noise for the supposed “distraction.”

Rush Limbaugh explained what happened as he watched:

“It is important to understand that whoever orchestrated this also was smart enough to realize not to serve dinner until Cruz got up to speak.  There were no plates and knives and forks and all that to make any noise when Trump and Kasich were speaking.  But between the break between Kasich and Cruz, they served dinner.  So people were also eating during Cruz’s remarks, and it was at some point during Cruz’s speech somebody turned off the podium microphone and turned on all of the room microphones, picking up all the white noise in the room, making it look like that was the only noise in the room, that nobody was listening.”

Limbaugh noted that the “dirty trick” and sound distortion lasted the final eight minutes of Cruz’s speech and that everybody in the media — including FOX News — played it as though Ted Cruz had somehow fallen from grace so badly that people weren’t listening or that he was being punished for revealing Donald Trump’s liberal “New York values.” And, of course, social media repeated the false narrative for extra effect as Limbaugh explained after playing the before and after for his vast audience.

“That is how the final eight minutes of Ted Cruz’s speech sounded.  You couldn’t hear him.  They turned the podium mic off, somebody turned the podium mic off and turned on all the other microphones in the room to pick up all the room noise, and then there were tweets like this one.  It’s sort of painful to watch someone speak passionately to a crowd who wouldn’t even notice if he killed himself on stage. I mean, the media was in on the trick, Fox News was in on the trick, everybody played along as though all of a sudden Cruz lost the room.”

Here’s Rush explaining the matter, with the clip captured by Daily Rushbo:

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