Rush Limbaugh: Donald Trump Doesn’t Believe His Own Attacks Against Ted Cruz

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“He [Trump] knows that this business of Cruz running around and using the phrase ‘New York values’ was not an insult to anybody about 9/11,” conservative talk show great Rush Limbaugh said on Monday. “Trump knows it,” he reiterated to his vast radio audience.

Limbaugh weighed in — perhaps more than at any time previously — on Donald Trump’s recent character assassination against Ted Cruz, who has skyrocketed into second place behind Trump in all national polls, saying Trump is making a “strategic error” attacking Cruz on the “birther” issue, as well as calling Cruz a “nasty person” as he did on a Sunday talk show yesterday.

Instead, Rush said that Trump should be more concerned that his tactic is driving up his already high negatives.

“I think Trump is free to criticize Cruz all he wants as far as I’m concerned, but going after him as a “nasty” guy and on this birther business, he’s gotta worry that it’s gonna create more negatives within his own support base rather than turn people off to Cruz.  And he’s gotta consider the opportunity that it’s providing Cruz in responding.”

Limbaugh’s advice for Trump should be taken as constructive criticism by the bombastic and ego-driven billionaire. According to recent Gallup data, Trump’s net favorable rating is among the lowest of any Republican candidate, only bettering establishment RINO’s Jeb Bush and John Kasich.

Gallup found that Ted Cruz has the highest net favorability ratings of the various GOP candidates among both Republicans and Independents, while Trump does the very worst among coveted Independents.


“This is politics, and Cruz is ready for this and is prepared for it — and, in fact is dealing with it masterfully,” Limbaugh said.

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Limbaugh contended that part of Cruz “masterfully” using Trump’s attacks to his advantage is the surfacing of a 1999 interview Trump had with the late Tim Russert in which he declared that his New York values, pro-abortion, pro-late term abortion, pro-homosexual marriage, etc., are not the same as someone who lived in Iowa, which “coincidentally” has the first true voter test with the Iowa Caucuses on February 1.

“And I will tell you, like I’ve said before, that I think Trump is making a strategic error in the way he criticizes Cruz,” Limbaugh said.

Listen below via Daily Rushbo:

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