Rush Limbaugh Makes Rare TV Appearance; CRUSHES ‘Barack Hussein O’, Praises One GOP Candidate [VIDEO]

Rush Limbaugh appearing on FOX News Sunday, 11/22/15, with Chris Wallace. Image Credit: FOX News Sunday via screenshot, YouTube

Radio talk show legend Rush Limbaugh made a rare TV appearance on Sunday, and was in rare form, shredding Obama over his lackadaisical handling of ISIS and support for the Islamic terrorist state of Iran.

Limbaugh told FOX News Sunday host Chris Wallace that Obama’s link to Iran and Syria are his excuse to not do much about ISIS.

“Chris, look, I don’t like saying any of this, but it’s obvious that Obama is very sensitive to Iran’s needs and is trying to satisfy them.

We’ve lifted the sanctions, they’ve got $150 billion they didn’t have. They’re on their way to get a nuclear weapon, all because of Barack Hussein O. And I think his dealing with ISIS is inept, incompetent and non-existent.”

Rush, author of the new patriotic and educational childrens’ book, Rush Revere and the Star-Spangled Banner, told Wallace that if he were in charge, he would take out the oil fields now controlled by ISIS, and that Obama’s anti-victory rules of engagement are stopping America’s military from doing so.

Limbaugh reminded the FNS audience of the purpose of the military and war, while questioning Obama’s loyalties.

“Chris, the world is governed by the aggressive use of force. And the purpose of war, and the purpose of militaries, is to kill people and break things. That’s how you win. And you keep doing that until the other side says, ‘I’m sorry,’ and surrenders.

Barack Obama’s number one enemy is the Republican Party and the conservative movement. You see he gets animated, he doesn’t need cue cards, he doesn’t need a teleprompter when he starts ripping into them.

But when you get ISIS on the board, or anything in the Middle East, he’s very cautious, very precise, very — ‘don’t want to offend them, don’t want to made them mad.'”

“I think it’s very dangerous,” Limbaugh told Wallace. “I think the country is in more danger than people know.”

After discussing “Barack Hussein O’s” desire to bring tens of thousands of Muslim Syrians to America without a way to tell which ones are terrorists, Rush Limbaugh participated in a “Lightening Round,” giving a quick off-the-cuff analysis of several of the Republican presidential candidates.

Rush said that Donald Trump was providing a valuable service to America and specifically to Republicans by showing that it is possible to stand up the political correctness and the media.

Limbaugh said that Dr. Ben Carson is “one of most decent human beings in this country — one of the finest men.”

And while his response to the mention of Jeb Bush was very blasé, Rush Limbaugh’s most glowing terms were reserved for Senator Ted Cruz:

“Brilliant, just absolutely brilliant. And conservative through and through. Trustworthy, strong, confident, leader and somebody in whom you can totally depend.”

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WATCH BELOW via FOX News Sunday:

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