Rush Limbaugh Releases Side-Splitting Parody Song Mocking Obama’s Support for ISIS

The great conservative talk show legend, Rush Limbaugh, is the most listened to radio host of all-time. He also knows how to get under treasonous Obama’s skin perhaps more than any American.

His latest body slam of Obama takes shape in a uproarious parody by the great conservative impersonator Paul Shanklin, who has the amazing gift of being able to sing like someone you’ve only heard talking before — sounding exactly like they would if you’d heard them sing before.

Be it Bill or Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Obama, or any other leftist loon, Paul Shanklin can sound like he’s singing just like them.

Rush Limbaugh has been playing Shanklin’s parody songs for years, but perhaps none hits home as much as the latest, which pokes Obama in the eye for his treasonous support of radical Islamic terrorism, both in word and in action.

Played to the tune of the great all-time hit, “Jesus is just alright” by The Byrds, then further perfected by the “Doobie Brothers” in 1972.

As a reminder for our young friends, in the 1960’s and 70’s the  term “alright” was often used to mean “cool” or “awesome,” or “very good” rather than just “okay” or “average” as it is today.

Just for the memories, below is the Doobie Brothers version from 1972. Then listen to Paul Shanklin’s version as played on the Rush Limbaugh radio program, and sung in “Obama’s” voice:

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
A former Washington State U.S. Congressional candidate in 2010, Matthew attended the nation’s first modern day Tea Party in 2009 in Seattle, Washington. He also began writing and blogging that year. Matthew became a Certified Financial Planner in 1995 and was a Financial Advisor for 24 years in his previous life. Matthew was one of the three main writers leading a conservative news site to be one of the top 15 conservative news sites in the U.S. in a matter of months. He brings to PolitiStick a vast amount of knowledge about economics as well as a passion and commitment to the vision that our Founding Fathers had for our Republic.

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