Rush Reveals What a Trumpist Friend Believes Trump Should Say to Paul Ryan

On Wednesday, conservative talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh shared with his audience an email written by an unidentified friend who happens to be a huge supporter of Donald Trump.

Trump is scheduled to meet with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who is also the GOP convention chair. When asked last week if he would endorse Trump’s campaign, Ryan replied that he was not yet prepared to do so because there were policy issues that he felt needed clarification. Earlier this week, Ryan said he would step down as the convention chair if Trump requested such action since he is the nominee.

Although at least according to his Twitter account Trump appears to be looking forward to a positive and productive meeting with Ryan and RNC chair Reince Priebus, many of his supporters are livid that Paul Ryan did not immediately kiss Trump’s ring.

Trump’s national spokesperson Katrina Pierson, who recently defended her boss calling women bimbos, said earlier that Paul Ryan should not be Speaker if he cannot support Trump.  Rush’s friend obviously feels the same way.

Limbaugh led into the reading of the email by saying what his friend shared would likely be echoed by many other Trump supporters.

It’s not a full-fledged barometer, but it offers quite a bit of — even though it is anecdotal, even though this is anecdotal, I will wager that after I read this a lot of you Trump supporters are gonna be going, “Yeah, yeah, that’s exactly what he ought to do.”  Let’s see if I’m right.

Hey, Rush,” starts the email, “here’s what Trump ought to say at his meeting with Paul Ryan.  ‘Screw you.  You’re the representative of one district in one state.  Let me tell you how things are gonna work.  First, you are gonna apologize to me, and you’re gonna say you don’t know what you were thinking when you refused to endorse me when you were asked.  The next thing you’re gonna do, you’re gonna say you are fully behind me, and you will do everything humanly possible to see that I win, period.  Otherwise I’m gonna call you out for what you really are.  I’m gonna endorse your primary opponent, and I’m gonna actively campaign for him.  The next words out of your mouth better be, “Yes, I agree,” or else.  Or else you’re fired.'”

Trump has been accused by many, including best-selling author Brad Thor, of being a despotic, vindictive, and dangerous authoritarian. Does this email by Rush Limbaugh’s friend, detailing how he believes Trump should take control of the meeting with Ryan, feed into this narrative that it is not only what Trump is, but it is what his supporters crave?

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