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Although leading conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh has made it a point throughout his career to not endorse any candidates, he did make an unexpected statement during his radio show a few months ago. He told his audience that as a rule of thumb you should always vote for the most conservative candidate in the race. That candidate, Rush said, is Ted Cruz.

Rush was still adamant that his words did not constitute an endorsement, but was rather just an identification of who he considers the most conservative Republican candidate. On Monday, the eve of Super Tuesday, a day that is a quite lucrative delegate day that could set the stage for the eventual GOP nominee, Rush Limbaugh weighed in on voting. With this election cycle being driven by an anti-establishment sentiment, Rush shared who voters should vote for if they want to send a message to D.C.

That person, Limbaugh said, is constitutional conservative Ted Cruz .

Rush then continued by laying the case for why a vote for Cruz would be a message to the establishment. He said, “Ted Cruz is only guy that was taking on the Republican establishment of all the Republicans in the race.”

“And he was the only guy who had been fighting the establishment and he had done it to their face,” Limbaugh contended.

“He goes to the floor of the Senate, he calls Mitch McConnell a liar on any number of issues, from the budget, to amnesty, to Senate rules, and Cruz had made it plain he was the guy that was gonna take it to the establishment.

“He was such an outsider that even as a member of the Senate he was hated, despised, and that was always gonna be a resume-enhancement point.”

But that wasn’t the part that drew fire for el Rushbo.

What made Rush a target of some members of his audience was his description of Donald Trump and what he believes to be his political ideology.

Recognizing the strong personality draw of Trump to his supporters, Rush Limbaugh offered a warning to conservatives considering voting for Trump.

“It’s Trump that’s out there talking about how he likes Pelosi and Reid, he could do deals with them if he had to.”

Previously on his show, Rush said, “Trump’s not a Republican. This is not a criticism of Trump. But for those of you that conservatism’s the answer and conservatism is the way, you have no choice here. Ted Cruz has got to be your guy. There’s nobody even close. Nobody.”

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Trump has long been accused by many of not being the conservative Republican that he claims to be. His position on numerous issues have been all over the board not just over the years, but even throughout this presidential race, sometimes seemingly changing his position within a matter of days.

He has been criticized for having a position on healthcare more similar to socialist Bernie Sanders than a free-market, small government Republican, accusing those who don’t want to “take care of everyone” and don’t support having “the government pay” for it as having no heart.

Trump has come under suspicion for not being committed to the very issue that catapulted him to the top of the GOP field; that is to deport all of the illegal aliens who are currently in the country.

Trump has bragged about his relationship with entrenched and corrupt progressive Democrats like Harry Reid , Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer , saying that he could work a deal with them. Even recently on Twitter, he sounded more like a progressive Democrat with his attack on the Koch Brothers.

Even recently on Twitter, Trump sounded more like a progressive Democrat with his attack on the Koch Brothers as a way of attacking Marco Rubio. This despite the fact that the Koch Brothers have not endorsed Rubio. It’s like the Saul Alinksy-tactic of the leftist boogeyman all over again.

There are many questions surrounding the Trump candidacy and what he truly stands for, so many that many in the base don’t know that he can be trusted, even if he is the GOP nominee.

While Rush Limbaugh still has not endorsed anyone in this presidential race, he came as close to an endorsement of Cruz as he could get when he proclaimed last month, “If conservatism is your bag, if conservatism is the dominating factor in how you vote, there is no other choice for you in this campaign than Ted Cruz.”

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