San Bernardino Terrorist Told Murder Victim, ‘Islam is a Religion of Peace!’

All religions center on a belief system and adherents of all religions have done wrong in the pursuit of supporting their religious beliefs. Christians have discriminated. Jews have discriminated. Muslims have discriminated.

However, while no religion has been immune from intolerance, Islam is far from anything that could be considered a “tolerant” religion. Though it is certainly true that not all Muslims are violent jihadists, one cannot help but notice that it is not Jews or Christians that are dominating a world region through threats and bloodthirsty viciousness. The Muslim world remains awash in violence and this violence is spreading to the Western world. We cannot declare that all Muslims are terrorists, but only a fool would deny the threat that lurks within the Muslim world.

We must be willing to remain tolerant of varying religious beliefs but it is imperative to our survival as a nation that we confront the realities of Islam and recognize that the “religion of peace” seemingly comes in two flavors: “intolerant-lite” and “behead the infidels” original.

The San Bernardino terrorist attack illustrates this threat. The male partner of the jihad, Syed Farook, reportedly got into a heated confrontation with a Jewish coworker over the alleged peacefulness of Islam and, when no conclusion was reached, to demonstrate how peaceful his religion truly is, Farook murdered his Jewish coworker.

From FrontPage Mag:

Why won’t people believe Islam is a peaceful religion? Do they have to be killed by Muslim terrorists before they acknowledge that Islam is a religion of peace?

Two weeks ago, Farook and one of the co-workers he killed, 52-year-old Nicholas Thalasinos, had a heated conversation about Islam, according to Kuuleme Stephens, a friend of the victim.

Stephens said she happened to call Thalasinos while he was talking with Farook at work. She said Thalasinos told her Farook “doesn’t agree that Islam is not a peaceful religion.”

And Farook certainly proved his point by murdering Thalasinos and a whole bunch of other people in the name of the religion of peace. Now we really know how peaceful Islam is.

Sure- because nothing says “I preach peace and tolerance” like murdering those who disagree with your religious beliefs.

There are many, many Muslims throughout the world that worship in peace and do not commit violence in the name of Allah. However, should we remain blind to the threats posed by radical jihadists to simply keep from offending the peaceful adherents of Islam?

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Greg Campbell
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