Sanders or Cruz? What One RINO Senator Said About That Choice is Very Revealing

To say that the GOP establishment hates Texas Senator Ted Cruz would be an understatement. After all, the squishes that make up today’s Republican establishment loathe the conservatives in the party who dare to push them to actually follow their party platform, stand on principles, and adhere to the Constitution.

But, what one long-time GOP Senator said to donors at a fundraiser on Wednesday night will cause many to realize that the RINOs in the GOP will not be ‘loyal to the party’ as they always push conservatives to be when a moderate squish is selected as the presidential nominee, if Ted Cruz is selected as the GOP nominee. No, they’d rather have a socialist in office over a conservative.

According to Steve Deace, a conservative talk radio host in Iowa, North Carolina Senator Richard Burr, who has served his constituents in that seat since 2005, told donors at a fundraiser that if the choice in the presidential general election was between self-described socialist Bernie Sanders, who is really a Marxist, and constitutional conservative Republican Ted Cruz, he would vote for Sanders.

North Carolina Republican Senator Burr told donors at a fundraiser last night he’d vote for Bernie Sanders before Ted Cruz. Ladies and gentlemen: your Team GOP.

Posted by Steve Deace on Thursday, January 21, 2016

In an article for the AP, Donna Cassata said that a source who spoke to her on condition of anonymity shared that Burr did indeed tell donors that he would pick Sanders over Cruz. The source said that Burr did not appear to be joking.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is today’s GOP. They loathe their conservative base so much, and all of their conservative colleagues, that they would actually pick a Marxist/socialist as president over a conservative.

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If you live in North Carolina, remember those words by Senator Burr when it comes time for re-election. Is that someone who truly represents your values in DC?

So often, conservatives have been told by RINOs within the GOP to hold their nose and vote for the nominee because they should support the Party. It doesn’t look like they are willing to do the same.

Burr would throw a conservative like Ted Cruz under the bus and support a Marxist socialist.

Very telling.

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