Sandy Hook Families Get Huge Payday in Ridiculous Lawsuit

The horror of the Sandy Hook mass shooting still haunts America. A twisted young man, Adam Lanza, massacred 20 innocent children and six teachers in his rampage and the world is a better place without him.

Now, families of the Newtown victims have reached a settlement from the estate of Nancy Lanza, the mother of the shooter. However, the reasoning is ludicrous.

First and foremost, it is imperative to note that no matter the monetary compensation, nothing will ever bring back the loved ones lost and it is truly a senseless tragedy. It is purely too difficult to try and comprehend the kind of sorrow and grief that pulses through the families of the deceased. These families were robbed and it is my sincerest hope that God helps them in their times of despair.

However, while it is understandable to want to lash-out to find someone to blame for the tragedy, several families of victims blamed the mother of the shooter for allegedly not adequately storing her firearm.

The families have been engulfed in a lawsuit for nearly three years and on December 17th, the families of the Sandy Hook victims reached a settlement from Nancy Lanza’s estate for $1.5 million which will be divided amongst the 16 plaintiffs who engaged in the lawsuit.

The families are also suing the manufacturer of the rifle used, Bushmaster.

The lawsuit alleged that Mrs. Lanza “knew or should have known that [Lanza’s] mental and emotional condition made him a danger to others.”

Reportedly, the rifle was stored in a gun safe that was adjacent to Adam’s room. Adam had attempted to purchase a rifle through a sporting goods store, but was denied during the background check. He then stole his mother’s legally-owned firearm, killed her, committed the rampage and killed himself.

The estate fell to Mrs. Lanza’s only remaining son, Ryan.

As the nation watched the horror unfold on television, liberal lawmakers and pundits pounced and exploited the national grief and especially the grief of the families of the murdered. Many of the family members soon began calling for increased gun control, despite the fact that no proposed laws would have kept the massacre from occurring as the gun was procured by Lanza illegally after being denied when attempting to procure a gun through legal means.

The reaction is understandable, but it is inherently flawed; guns did not kill these children and teachers- a sick, demented maniac did.

Mrs. Lanza secured her gun and still fell victim to the maniac’s twisted urges.

Bushmaster did not kill them; they simply produced a rifle. The company cannot and should not be blamed any more than Ford should be for manufacturing cars that are used in drunk driving accidents.

Who’s to blame? Adam Lanza. It is supremely frustrating that the families of the murdered cannot exact justice and/or revenge upon this heinous monster. However, as they are unable to wreak vengeance upon Adam Lanza, should that entitle the families to exact vengeance upon the bereaved family member who had nothing to do with the tragedy but who still lost both a brother and his mother? Is it right to force Bushmaster to their knees because they manufactured a rifle and had no say in who purchased the rifle?

The tragedy of Sandy Hook cannot and should not be forgotten. However, this need to blame someone or something in order to solicit a payday is not only ridiculous, it is counter-productive as it detracts from the needed message: guns don’t kill people, bad people do. Let’s focus on that.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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