Sarah and Bristol Palin UNLEASH on Ted Cruz; the Reason Why is Baffling

Sarah Palin, once the darling of the Tea Party movement, has been rumored to be ready to endorse Donald Trump, the bombastic billionaire and reality TV star, for president. The GOP frontrunner is holding a rally at Iowa State University during which he said he has a big announcement and a special guest.

Although there has been no definitive proof offered as of yet that that guest will be Palin and the announcement will be her endorsement of his candidacy, the rumor mill has been on fire with that very possibility. What a Ted Cruz spokesperson said when asked about this rumor by CNN has set off a fury of antagonism and hatred by Palin and her daughter, Bristol.

Appearing on CNN’s “New Day,” Cruz spokesperson Rick Tyler addressed the issue with the following comment.

“I think it [would] be a blow to Sarah Palin, because Sarah Palin has been a champion for the conservative cause, and if she was going to endorse Donald Trump, sadly, she would be endorsing someone who’s held progressive views all their life on the sanctity of life, on marriage, on partial-birth abortion.”

For some reason, Bristol Palin viewed this analysis, which was in no way a personal attack but merely pointing out the difference between the conservative icon that Palin had become and the progressive ideology that Trump possesses in regards to the issue of the sanctity of life, marriage, and partial-birth abortion, as well as the possibile impact it could have on how the grassroots view Palin.

In a fury, the 25-year old Bristol  went on a hate-filled rant on, of all places, Patheos, which is described as hosting the conversation on faith.

Bristol Palin says that she’s met Cruz and she liked him, but that is obviously now changed. She also reminded Cruz about his words about her mom after he won his Senate seat at which time he said that he would not be in the Senate were it not for Sarah Palin, who strongly supported him.

It looks like that support came with the unspoken caveat that there could be no analysis of a rumor and anything perceived as criticism would make the previous benefactor of Sarah Palin dead to the Palins. That is precisely what Bristol alluded to in her angry diatribe.

After hearing what Cruz is now saying about my mom, in a negative knee-jerk reaction, makes me hope my mom does endorse Trump. Cruz’s flip-flop, turning against my mom who’s done nothing but support and help him when others sure didn’t, shows he’s a typical politician.  How rude to that he’s setting up a false narrative about her!

America doesn’t need that.  We need someone who has a vision for economic prosperity, who won’t let us get kicked around in the world, and who will fight for our future.

I didn’t go to Harvard Law School, but I know this:  You can like two people in a race, but there will only one president.

The audacity to suggest that because she chooses one over the other will somehow “damage” her just shows arrogance.

You’ve also said, “She can pick winners!”  I hope you’re right, and that she endorses Donald Trump today for President.

Sarah Palin gave this post her blessing when she tweeted it out with her own personal slam of Ted Cruz.

Palin had actually tweeted the blog post out 20 hours before she did this one, but made sure to tweet it out again with the title, which gave the appearance of her asking the question, which got the tweet retweeted more times.

We will know soon enough if a Palin endorsement of Trump is what “The Donald” was referring to in his big build up to a special guest and announcement in Iowa today. Doors open at Iowa State University at 3 pm.

Given Trump’s incessant attacks on Ted Cruz, spinning lies and half-truths about a person that her previously praised and said ‘he liked very much,’ it is likely the Trump campaign and the Palins will try to spin the endorsement as not something that was planned, but as a response to Cruz’s spokesperson’s words. It would also be a possibility that Trump will use the Palins response as an example of Cruz not being liked and being ‘a nasty person.’

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Jennifer Burke
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