Saturday Night Live Tries to Mock Ted Cruz in Perhaps the Worst Impersonation of All Time

SNL's Taran Killam mocks Ted Cruz as creepy for supporting the U.S. Constitution. Image Credit:SNL's Taran Killam mocks Ted Cruz as creepy for supporting the U.S. Constitution. Image Credit:

Over the years, Saturday Night Live, or “SNL” for short, has performed numerous impersonations that are talented, hilarious and spot-on.

From Tina Fey’s impersonation of Sarah Palin to Darrell Hammond’s spot-on mimicry of Bill Clinton, even going all the way back to Dana Carvey’s acting out George H.W. Bush and Ross Perot, SNL has a long history of excellent impersonators performing spot-on characterizations.

Whether mocking Republicans or Democrats (of course, they mock Republicans much, much more, but I digress), the impersonations at least exhibited some degree of comedic talent.

But SNL’s attempt to impersonate Ted Cruz, a constitutional conservative fresh off a historic and poll-defying Iowa Caucus win, was an entire flop.

There are only a few problems with comedian Taran Killam’s attempt to impersonate Ted Cruz:

  • He didn’t look like Ted Cruz
  • He didn’t sound like Ted Cruz
  • He didn’t say anything resembling anything Ted Cruz has said (other than “Trumpertantrum”)
  • His mannerisms, facial expressions, and laughter in no way duplicated Cruz

Other than that, it was horrible and talentless.

And of course, showing SNL’s leftist bias, Taran Killam shamefully knocks Cruz for supporting the U.S. Constitution, the same Constitution that gives talentless hacks like Killam the right to mock government officials and politicians.

The left cannot beat Cruz on his constitutionally-grounded principles — there is a reason why he was the national debate champion in college and has won several cases before the Supreme Court.

They can’t call him “stupid” or “crazy” like they have politicians such as Sarah Palin or George W. Bush, so they’ve pulled a new narrative out of their hat, attempting to create a meme that Ted Cruz is “creepy.”

Killam’s attempt to carry the water for the political ruling class, furthering this “creepy” narrative, fell flat. The only person who came out of this impersonation looking creepy was self-proclaimed comedian Taran Killam.

When this country mocks a politician for supporting and keeping his or her oath of office — to uphold and defend the United States Constitution — when that act is somehow considered creepy or “sneaky,” we are in deep trouble.


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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