The Scarborough vs. Trump Feud HEATS UP!

There’s more proof that the bromance between presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump and his previous fanboy, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, is over.

Scarborough, who at one point was caught on tape getting coaching from Trump regarding the type of questions allowed during an interview, has become critical of Trump as he has ramped up his attack on U.S. District Judge Gonzolo Curiel who is presiding over the case against Trump University.

Trump has contended that Curiel cannot be fair in the trial because “he is Mexican.” Trump has made that statement over and over despite the fact that Curiel was born in Indiana and his parents immigrated from Mexico more than 50 years ago. This attack line against Judge Curiel has caused rifts within the Republican Party with many leaders coming out against Trump’s words, though still saying they will vote for him.

Not everyone, however, is standing by Trump. Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) who previously endorsed Trump has withdrawn his endorsement and said he can no longer support him. Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) has gone on record as saying he cannot endorse Trump at this time.

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On Tuesday night on FOX News’ Hannity, Trump said that those upset over his remarks about Judge Curiel should “get over it.”

And that leads us to Joe Scarborough’s passionate rant this morning on The Morning Joe.

Scarborough offered a suggestion as to what elected Republican officials should say should they choose to withdraw their support of Trump over his race-based criticism of Judge Curiel.

“Hey, Donald, guess what, I’m not going to support you until you get your act together. You are acting like a bush league loser. You’re acting like a racist, you’re acting like a bigot.”

“This called art of the deal. I’m taking my deal off the table, Donald, until you come back to the table and get on the other side of the table and prove to me that you’re not a bigot and prove to me you’re not going to take my party down in the ditch, you don’t have my endorsement, and you can’t use Hillary Clinton as a gun against my head.”

Scarborough’s words did not go unnoticed by Trump who took to his favorite social media outlet to use in his attacks to go after him.

Scarborough fired back.

On this next comeback, Scarborough mocked Trump’s overuse of the word ‘sad’ in tweets.

The saga continues. This is definitely not the end.

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