School Cancels ‘American Pride Day’ After Pressure from PC Police; Students’ Response is Awesome

It’s no huge secret to most of us that anti-God, anti-freedom, and anti-American progressive leftists and Democrat Party operatives have taken over America’s education system.

It was a silent coup that is having devastating effects on a generation of dumbed-down Americans and it will take decades of dedication to repair the damage done by the leftist false god of political correctness on society.

One example of the leftist vision of “Amerika” took place in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, a state that is known for being one of the most conservative in the nation, where “American Pride Day” was deemed to be too “offensive” and was canceled at Jackson Hole High School.

EAG News reports that the school believes that celebrating America somehow might leave some students feeling “targeted and singled out.”

“It’s homecoming week and our school administration thought it was too ‘offensive’ to have an America Pride Day! So this is my kids answer to that!” parent Ted Dawson posted to Facebook with a picture of his kids decked out in patriotic attire.

“Where have we gone so wrong! I don’t care what race or religion you are, you live here, benefit from the schools, enjoy tax benefits or whatever – your (sic) an American or at least you better be!”

Dawson was among numerous parents who expressed support for students who decided to disobey school orders to cancel America Day as part of the school’s homecoming week.

Activities director Mike Hansen told the Jackson Hole News & Guide officials canceled America Day to ensure some students don’t feel “targeted and singled out,” though he did not explain which students might feel ostracized or why.

The New York Post surmised that the reason for the bow to political correctness is the school fearing that Latino students, which comprise a significant portion of the school district’s population, making the great point that there is nothing more “inclusive” than Old Glory. But perhaps the school district doesn’t view the “offended” students as real Americans.

“Hansen and other school officials wouldn’t say so outright, but it’s obvious the kids they feared offending were from the district’s large Latino population. And that makes the whole thing far worse,” the news site opined.

“Because the right response would’ve been to explain to those teens that they are Americans – as entitled to take pride in this nation and its flag as kids whose forebears have been here for generations. The flag stands for their freedom, their rights and their American dreams as much as anyone’s. You don’t get more ‘inclusive’ than Old Glory.”

The goal was to change the day to celebrate America and being American to something apparently more politically correct, shifting from “America Day” to “College Day,” however many students, having more moral fiber, not to mention brains than their intellectual superiors, bucked the trend and celebrated America Day anyway, donning red, white and blue apparel.

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Moreover, the politically correct move to change the celebration to “College Day” backfired, offending students who were not interested in going to college. What about their “feelings?”

“What if you can’t afford college?” 17-year-old senior Harry Burt asked. “There’s a lot of kids here that can’t afford college. College is not an option for them. It’s more discriminatory.”

It should have been very predictable that the leftist PC police would not stop at banning the Confederate Flag. Now they are working overtime to make the American flag politically incorrect.

Maybe at the Democrat Party convention next year, they could, as a new ceremony, “boo” the American flag like they did God at their 2012 convention.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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