Schools Issue Survey to Children with Dozens of Choices of Genders to Identify As

The world is sliding more and more into a quagmire of moral and societal relativism. Modern liberalism demands an eschewing of traditional labels like “good,” “bad” or “boy” and “girl” and life is more-confusing than ever for children who are being raised in such a world where there are no absolutes- just a toxic emphasis on a perverse notion of “social justice.”

It sounds ominous. It seems like old men have always sat on porches and griped about how the world is “going to hell in a handbasket” and assured that society has become more sick; they may have been right.

What Western society has become, however, is undeniably twisted and the recent example from across the pond indicates how far we have slid into this societal nothingness.

In a survey distributed to all children ages 13-18 in the English city of Brighton and Hove, children were asked to declare their genders.

One would think that they could check “male” or “female.” Instead, children were bombarded with a whopping 23 choices from which to choose.

In addition to the normal choices, the survey also included such nonsense as “tri-gender,” “demi-boy,” and “all genders.”

The survey was created by the Children’s Commissioner for England, a government position that is charged with ensuring the welfare of children in England. Evidently, confusing the hell out of schoolchildren by promoting an “anything goes” policy of gender identity is within the realm of this taxpayer-funded office.

“We want to know how gender matters to young people: what does gender mean to them; how does it affect their lives; what do they want to change?” Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield stated.

Ashley Harrold, the head teacher of a school in England, encouraged the absurdity, stating,

“For us, anything that prevents students feeling happy, from feeling confident in themselves and from feeling accepted by their peers is something we feel the curriculum should address,” Harrold claimed. “Raising students awareness of the wider spectrum of gender identity is important in building an inclusive and tolerant society.”

Inclusion and tolerance is great; teaching children that they can alter reality by simply believing it, however, is merely the promotion of delusion.

In addition to the 23 different genders, students were given an “other” box that could be filled out. You know, in case that child identified as a starfish or as a fuse box- because, evidently, reality is merely a transphobic obstacle to be avoided.

Society is only getting more bizarre. In December, a 52-year-old came out as “trans-agist” after leaving his family to live life as his “true self,” which he declared was a six-year-old girl.

On Friday, PolitiStick reported on the plight of Nano, a Norwegian woman who claims that she was born a cat in a woman’s body. This is the kind of nonsense we’re left with when we stress that individual perceptions and narcissistic celebrations of individuality are the most-supremely important things.

For those who were wondering what else could possibly have been included in the survey, the full list available to students is as follows:






-(Young) woman

-(Young) man



-Gender fluid








-Gender non-conforming


-All genders

-In the middle of boy and girl


-Not sure

-Rather not say

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Greg Campbell
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