Science Deniers: University Will Provide Tampons for Men Because ‘Not Just Women Menstruate’

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Chalk this up to the height of stupidity column. Just when you thought the whackos leading the political correctness push and attempt to selectively push the notion that ‘gender is a social construct,’ unless these same idiots are also pushing for Hillary as the first female president, a story comes out that demonstrates just how dangerously asinine these people are.

Campus Reform reports that Brown University will now be providing tampons and pads in both women’s and men’s bathrooms because, according to Viet Nguyen who is  President of the Undergraduate Council of Students, “not all people who menstruate are women.” Nguyen and 20 other students will personally deliver the tampons and pads to all non-residential bathrooms.

What the heck? How in the world are these people high school graduates and Ivy League students if they believe that it is biologically possible for men to menstruate? Are their minds so warped that they truly believe that just because a woman who is biologically a woman puts on slacks and calls herself Billy instead of Sue that she is actually a man?

Lord help us!

Terry O’Neill, president of National Organization for (Progressive) Women (NOW), backed up this ridiculous “everyone menstruates” concept, committing a huge taboo according to the PC police and leftists’ own “logic,” by referring to tampons and pads as “feminine hygiene products” as she made the argument that students who attend a school where tuition alone is $50,000 should not be hindered by their inability to afford something you can buy for $2 or $3 a pack at Walmart.

“Feminine hygiene products are not a luxury. They’re as essential as toilet paper; just ask anyone who has ever struggled to obtain or afford them,” agreed Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Women. “Students’ participation in school should not be hindered by insufficient access to this basic necessity. Universities around the country should follow suit.”

The feminine hygiene products will be paid for by the undergraduate finance board, not university general funds….at least for now.

To add to the insanity, Brian Clark, Brown’s Director of News and Editorial Development, praised the efforts of these students and their belief that men and women menstruate.

“In efforts to work with and support their peers, leaders from the Undergraduate Council of Students take on a number of student-focused efforts each year,” he said, clarifying that “these are student-led and independent of the university administration, although we recognize that many important resources on campus today were first identified and advocated for by students themselves.

“We expect that UCS will continue to solicit feedback on this new initiative and collect data on the use of these products,” he concluded, saying the administration “will be interested to learn what they find as they assess the effectiveness of the program moving forward.”

Here’s a tip.

Before you shell out any amount of money for your kid’s college tuition, be aware of what they will be exposed to. The cultural Marxism is getting more bold and rampant.


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