Governor Scott Walker Activates National Guard in Milwaukee Following Riots, Looting, Mass Arson, Violence

After a night of anarchy and mayhem in Milwaukee on Saturday night, including lighting buildings and cars on fire, Republican Governor Scott Walker announced that he was activating the Wisconsin National Guard following a request from Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.

Walker tweeted both his official statement and the executive order to put the National Guard on alert Sunday morning.

It should be noted that the police officer who shot the criminal was black, making it more difficult for terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter to claim that the shooting was racially motivated.

Milwaukee police reported that photo evidence shows that the black man shot be police was “without question” holding a gun in his hand and that the man, identified as Sylville K. Smith had a “lengthy police record.”

As we reported earlier, utter chaos broke out following the shooting of an armed black man in a mostly black neighborhood Saturday night in Milwaukee:

On Saturday, police in Milwaukee shot and killed an armed man who evaded arrest and led police on a foot chase. When police caught up with the 23-year old, as yet unidentified, they ordered him to drop the gun. According to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, the suspect did not comply and ended up being shot several times by police. The suspect died at the scene. The whereabouts of a second suspect have not been disclosed. The officer involved in the shooting, who is 24-years old with six years on the force, is on administrative leave pending investigation. He was wearing a body cam.

Like clockwork, black anarchists and cop-haters used this incident as a reason to destroy a city and attack police officers. They burned several buildings, including a BP gas station, BMO Harris Bank, O’Reilly Auto Parts Store, and MJM Liquor Store. Bus stations were torn up from the ground. These anarchists also set police squad cars on fire and attacked police with rocks and other objects injuring one. Mayor Barrett said the anarchists were mobilizing using social media to get more people to participate in the mayhem and destruction.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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