Scott Walker Just Dropped a Major Bomb on the RINO GOP Leadership

Republican presidential candidate and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker made no friends with the RINO GOP establishment on Monday, going where establishment-backed “moderate” squishy candidates like RINOs Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham or Chris Christie would probably never go.

Appearing on the Glenn Beck radio program on Monday, Walker told Beck that RINO leader Mitch McConnell is “part of the problem” in Washington, citing broken GOP promises regarding Obamacare and funding Obama’s illegal amnesty.

“Mitch McConnell is part of the problem. Will you go so far as saying that there are people in the GOP that are part of the establishment, like Mitch McConnell, that are part of the problem?” Beck asked Walker, referring to a NY Times story which Beck said that Mitch McConnell told constitutional conservative, Senator Mike Lee, how he has to decide to stick with these “Tea Party freaks or his [McConnell’s Republican] party.”

“Yes. I hear it all the time and I share that sentiment,” the Wisconsin governor answered. “We were told if Republicans got the majority in the United States Senate, there would be a bill on the president’s desk to repeal Obamacare. It is August. Where is that bill? Where was that vote?” he asked rhetorically.

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“We were told they’d do something about illegal immigration. If it hadn’t been for me and 24 other governors out there, the president would be able to do what he claimed he couldn’t do 22 times before last November, and then went off and did it a couple of weeks after the election,” Walker explained.

Walker said that the frustration with broken promises by GOP leadership is why “non-elected candidates are surging in the polls.” “People are sending a very clear message,” he asserted.

Beck seemed pleased after the interview that Walker didn’t get “weasely” or tiptoe around the question when asked about McConnell.


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