Scottie Nell Hughes Goes ‘Batshit’ Crazy on Live TV; Literally [VIDEO]

Amazingly, Donald Trump sycophantic mouthpiece Scottie Nell Hughes, the chief political correspondent with USA Radio Networks, used the term “batshit” to define the Republican Party in a live appearance on CNN Saturday afternoon, causing the other political commentators to gasp with nervous embarrassment.

In an epic case of the proverbial pot calling the kettle black, Hughes was attempting to make the case, an impossible pill to swallow, that vile, obnoxious and foul-mouthed Donald Trump (who once referred to Ben Carson as a “child molester” and Ted Cruz as a “maniac”) somehow isn’t really the uncivil candidate in the GOP race.

Nope. Instead, Hughes argues that the real harm to the Republican Party isn’t being done by Donald Trump, the ultimate lose cannon and flamethrower, but by Marco Rubio for mocking Trump’s failures at the tenth GOP Debate on Thursday.

Hughes, who has apparently never seen her dear leader Donald Trump on video before, said that Marco Rubio is “the most rabid, frothing politician that I’ve seen yet, spewing nothing but lies.”

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“What does it do to the party, Scottie?” CNN’s Poppy Harlow asks Hughes.

Scottie Nell Hughes then goes on to “quote” RINOs Lindsey Graham , who recently hinted that Ted Cruz should be murdered, and Chris Christie (although we could not find evidence of Christie ever saying this) that the GOP has gone “batshit.”

“It absolutely destroys our party,” Hughes responded. “I think both of those politicians, Governor Christie and Senator Lindsey Graham are right. We have gone batshit!

The other guests looked nervously embarrassed that Hughes would use that type of language on live television, and Hughes wasn’t able to articulate what made all of Rubio’s accusations against Trump “lies.”

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This is the strategy from the Trump camp. When their candidate gets caught lying, shout “liar liar!” When inconvenient details about Trump’s past are exposed, like Trump University, just shout “liar liar!” as loud as possible and hope it goes away, rather than debate the facts.


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