Scottie Nell Hughes: Trump’s Trip to Scotland Like Attending Kid’s Recital [VIDEO]

Scottie Nell Hughes on CNN, Supporting Donald Trump no matter what, June 25, 2016. Image Credit: CNN via YouTube

So Donald Trump has a business trip to Scotland to brag about his newly revamped golf course right smack dab in the middle of the historic and Brexit vote that sent shockwaves all over the world.

And what did he talk about? You would think the bloviating billionaire and reality TV actor with the “best words” and “best brain” would reveal his business world brilliance by explaining how the Brexit vote was a positive for both Britain and the world and why, from a business and economic standpoint, it’s the best thing long term. Maybe he could have been a calming voice, similar to the calming influence Ronald Reagan had following the stock market crash of 1987, when the stock market dropped 22.8% in one day.

But instead, Trump exchanged what would have been a presidential moment, to almost exclusively boast and brag about his golf course, even touting the “sprinkler system.

It was embarrassing for the country and the world and left Americans wondering if his entire campaign is one big business promotion. It also left many wondering if winning the presidency is a lesser priority than pumping his brand.

Of course, Trump surrogates are busy hitting the airwaves trying to put lipstick on another one of his pigs.

Watch as Trump sycophant and Tea Party phony opportunist Scottie Nell Hughes defends Trump by claiming that Trump going to Scotland during world turmoil is analogous to the average person attending one of their child’s recitals or baseball games.

Trump’s climbers better hope he wins, because they are becoming the clowns of the airwaves. He’s down 14-points to scandal-plagued Hillary Clinton now and is in the 30’s.

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Watch until the end if you can stand to as brilliant conservative Tara Setmayer slaughters Scottie Nell Hughes, making her look like the caricature she has become.

How low will he have to go before the rats start to jump ship?


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Matthew K. Burke
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