Sean Hannity has Epic Meltdown in Angry Interview with Ted Cruz [AUDIO]

  • Sean Hannity Flips His Lid in Angry Interview with Ted Cruz

  • Ted Cruz: “If you lose, don’t cry about it. Go back and learn how to win an election.”

  • Ted Cruz: “I cannot help that the Donald Trump campaign does not seem capable of running a lemonade stand.

Avid Donald Trump supporter Sean Hannity got butthurt on his national radio program on Tuesday after Ted Cruz answered a question in a way that exposed Hannity’s sycophantic support for the New York billionaire.

Hannity, who was trying to hide his being a Trump propagandist by pointing out that Cruz has been on his show more than any other candidate (because Cruz always accepts the invitation), without mentioning that when Cruz is on, he acts like a Trump defense lawyer, interrupting Cruz at every opportunity, rarely allowing him to finish a sentence (when Cruz says anything negative about Trump). However, when Trump is a Hannity guest, the bloviating billionaire is allowed to smear Cruz as “Lyin’ Ted” and it goes completely unchallenged by Hannity.

After Hannity, sounding more like Corey Lewandowski than a conservative radio talk show host, tried to spew the Trump campaign talking point that the delegate process, which ironically has benefited Trump more than any other candidate, is somehow “rigged” because Cruz has been out-organizing, outsmarting, and outworking Trump in recent delegate battles where Trump didn’t even bother to show up at state GOP conventions, Cruz said the question sounded like something out of the Trump campaign.

Cruz informed Hannity that Americans have more important things on their mind than the delegate process.

“Sean, with all due respect, that’s not what people are concerned about. I’m campaigning every day. People are concerned about bringing jobs back to America. People are concerned about raising wages. People are concerned about getting the federal government off the backs of small businesses and people are concerned about beating Hillary and the media loves to obsess about process — this process and this whining from the Trump campaign is all silly. It’s very, very simple…”

“Senator, I’m on social media with millions of people,” Hannity rudely interrupted, something he never does while interviewing Trump, unless it’s to help him finish a remark or clarify a ridiculous statement.

Hannity then began going down the road of his epic meltdown, bragging about his ratings, almost sounding like Trump himself, and told Ted Cruz that “everybody” on social media is asking him about the rules of the delegate system.

“I have 550 radio stations and I have the top-rated cable show — in my hour — all across the board. And I am telling you, that people are telling me that they find this whole process confusing. You know, I can read the articles, for example, about…people want to know exactly what happened in Georgia this weekend where people — I guess — on the first ballot, are going to Donald Trump, but representatives of yours talked to them and are persuading them to vote for you on a second ballot. That is an important question. Because I think most people would like to know how this works and I really am asking you — more than a process question — it’s an integrity of the election question and everybody’s asking me this question, so I’m giving you an opportunity to explain it.”

“Sean, the only people asking this question are the hardcore Donald Trump supporters…” Cruz said chuckling, causing Hannity to barge in and literally explode in anger.

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“Why do you do this?! Every single time — no, you gotta stop! Every time I have you on the air and I ask a legitimate question, you try to throw this in my face. I’m getting sick of it!” Hannity hollered in a tone typically reserved for interviews with Barney Frank or Al Sharpton.

“Sean, can I answer your question without getting interrupted?” Cruz calmly asked, which diffused Hannity’s anger somewhat.

Speaking of social media, here are a few choice responses to this heated exchange:


Ted Cruz went on to explain that in the past three weeks, in five different elections, where 1.3 million people voted, he defeated Donald Trump in every one of them and that “all of this noise and complaining and whining” is coming from the Trump campaign “because they don’t like the fact that they’ve lost five elections in a row.”

“They’re screaming on Drudge, and it’s getting echoed — this notion of ‘voterless elections’ — it is nonsense!” Cruz asserted. “They are making it up. Over 1.3 million people voted. We won landslides in all five,” he said.

Cruz further explained that the delegates are elected by the people — the way it’s always been.

“Donald Trump’s campaign doesn’t know how to organize the grassroots. And so when the delegates are elected, conservative activists — real conservative activists show up and they elect delegates. We are winning those elections over and over and over again,” Cruz contended, noting that the Trump campaign often doesn’t show up, as was the case in states like Colorado and Wyoming where Cruz campaigned aggressively.

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Cruz noted that the Trump campaign in Colorado handed out flyers that inadvertently had pro-Cruz delegates listed as Trump delegate candidates. And in Washington state, Cruz noted that the Trump campaign got it mixed up with Washington, D.C.

“I cannot help that the Donald Trump campaign does not seem capable of running a lemonade stand,” Cruz told Hannity. “My focus is on jobs, freedom and security, not this incessant whining from the other side. If you lose, don’t cry about it. Go back and learn how to win an election.”

Hypocritically, projecting in a way that resembles a regular Trump tactic, Hannity accuses Cruz of getting angry, when he was clearly the angry one in the interview.


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