Sean Hannity: I’ll Take My ‘Martial Arts’ Teachings Over Those of ‘Jesus’ [AUDIO]

Taking a queue from his orange master, Donald Trump, Sean Hannity said on Thursday that he would rather listen to his martial arts teachings than those of Jesus, and proved it with another unhinged rant against conservative talk show host, best-selling author, and founder of The Blaze, Glenn Beck, saying that when someone attacks him, he’s going to “hit back twice as hard,” a phrase often repeated by Donald Trump to excuse his incivility and thin-skinned narcissism.

Beginning with a quote from Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity said on his radio program on Thursday:

“Then he quotes, he says, ‘Jesus didn’t teach when they hit you, you hit back twice as hard.’ Well, my martial arts kind of teaches that. When people attack me, I’m gonna fight back.”

Hannity, who claims to be fighting for the survival of the country by endlessly promoting Donald Trump, a lifelong liberal and close friend of his, attacked fellow co-host Megyn Kelly on Wednesday night, after the FOX News star gave constructive criticism to the Trump campaign, encouraging him to get on media venues other than the “safe space” of Hannity’s show, where he appears so often some may mistake the Republican nominee as a co-host.

While Glenn Beck, contrary to Hannity’s accusations, has not attacked Sean Hannity personally, Beck co-host Pat Gray did recently respond in-kind to Hannity’s attack against Beck and other principled conservatives who refuse to support his buddy, Trump.

Unhinged rants from Hannity in defense of Trump have become commonplace. Last month, Hannity hilariously threatened to use his “mad karate skills” against Never Trump conservatives like Beck and Jonah Goldberg, which led to a well-deserved social media drubbing.

“You’ve been in the bag for Donald J. Trump SINCE DAY ONE. And EVERYONE knows it,” Gray wrote last month in an “open letter” to Hannity. “You’ve bent over BACKWARDS for the man every step of the way. And EVERYONE knows it. You attacked Ted Cruz regularly while defending Trump at every turn with religious fervor…and EVERYONE knows it,” Gray declared.

Some have argued that Hannity’s nightly lobbing of softballs at Trump, acting as Trump’s number one Yes Man, as well as his defending every self-destructive thing he says, have not served the campaign well, especially when it comes to debates where Trump is ill-prepared to deal with tough questions because he’s so used to be coddled and worshiped by Sean Hannity.


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Matthew K. Burke
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